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COMING SOON! Have you made a significant investment in an HDV, HD Flash camcorder, or HD video hard drive camcorder? If so, you likely have hours of footage sitting on a card or drive that is difficult to view. In the near future, Timeless DVD will solve this problem when we introduce our HD to Blu Ray service!

Our Blu-Ray conversion service will provide a professional transfer of video from your HD video tape or high-definition camcorder to a high-quality, single-layer Blu-Ray disc. Your Blu-Ray disc will be viewable on virtually any Blu-Ray player available, and look beautiful if you have an HDTV! We consider this to be the next logical step for any company offering home video transfer.

What is HD to Blu Ray transfer?

First, some definitions. A "Blu Ray" disc is named for the blue laser beam that reads data from high-definition discs. (Standard DVDs use a red laser instead.) A blue laser can be focused more tightly, so a "Blu Ray" can be packed with more data than a regular DVD can hold. In fact, Blu-Rays can hold 25–50 GB of data! That capacity makes Blu-Ray capable of containing high-resolution video.

The video resolution on Blu-Ray video is called "1080p" because it redraws 1,080 lines across the screen in a progressive fashion. (Each line contains 1920 pixels, as compared to standard-def DVD's 720 pixels.) Comparatively, regular NTSC only has 525 scan lines. This is why Blu-Ray, and high-definition channels offered by cable and satellite providers, look so much sharper than what audiences have been used to for years. To take full advantage of Blu-Ray, most consumers also should have an HDTV, which can extract the full quality and widescreen effect.

When we convert to Blu-Ray from an HD tape or cam, we preserve the exact quality of your high-definition file or tape. In fact, one of the upcoming features in this section of our site will be a detailed explanation of how we convert to blu-ray, just like on our Copy Video to DVD and Convert to MOV pages.

From HD Video Camcorders to Blu Ray

High-definition recording is a feature that is increasingly available on consumer camcorder models. HD video cameras capture widescreen video in 1080i resolution, the same stunning line quality found on high-definition TV channels and Blu-Ray discs. The downside is that HD videos takes up a lot of hard drive or Flash card space, and require a computer with excellent processors as well as a good software program. Plus, they are more difficult to share with friends and family because transferring them to disc can be a tricky operation.

That's where we come in! Soon, Timeless DVD will be able to convert to Blu-ray from your HD video – no matter the source. We will create discs that are easy to watch and easy to share. Our Blu Rays will be housed in the same high-quality DVD packaging that customers have come to expect from Timeless DVD as a professional video conversion service.

So come back! We expect our Blu-Ray service to be available by the end of the year. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via our Convert to DVD page.

HD video to Blu-Ray is coming soon!

Blu Ray Transfer

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