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Convert Video Form

1Print Out the Order Form

Our order form to convert to AVI, MOV, or MP4 is available on the right as a PDF. Simply print out and fill in the form, which starts with simple contact info.

If you are confused by anything on the order form, just write out your instructions in a way that makes sense to you. If we have questions, we'll ask.

If you are sending copyrighted material to be transferred, you MUST include a completed and signed Timeless DVD Copyright Waiver with your order.
Click here for the Copyright Waiver Form.

Service update February 2013:
TimelessDVD is currently not accepting new orders.
When this situation changes, this notice will be removed and the order form willbe made available.

VHS to computer

2Storage Preference: External Hard Drive or Data DVDs

The first parameter we need is your storage preference: external hard drive or data DVDs. Your choice determines the video conversion price.

The first option is for us to provide your files on an external hard drive. If you choose this option, the cost for your video to HDD transfer is 50 cents per video minute. If you choose this option, you can copy the file(s) to your computer or edit the videos directly from the hard drive (if it is capable). We transfer tapes to video files that are a maximum of a half-hour in length, so that the files do not become too large for computers to handle (all breaks made at natural scene breaks). We recommend this option for all projects, but espeically if you are submitting 5 or more tapes or lengthy video files.

The second option is for us to provide your video files on data DVDs. If you choose this option, the cost for your transfer is $1 per video minute. Each data DVD can contain an AVI or MOV video file that is about 18 minutes in length (or a good quantity of MP4s). This option is the higher one because after we transfer your videos, they need to be divided into 18-minute segments and then authored to disc. If you choose this option, you will need to copy the files from each DVD to your computer. We only recommend this option if you are submitting 1–4 video tapes or short video files, or if your file format preference is MP4.

These options are all available whether you want to convert to AVI, MOV, or MP4.

Analog to digital conversion

3Hard drive options for analog to digital conversion

If you are choosing the external hard drive option for your video to digital project, there are two options available for your files.

Check I am enclosing a hard drive to use for this project if you have a drive that you wish us to use for your video files. The drive may be sent in along with your video tapes and order form. This option is completely free! Please ensure that your drive has a large enough data capacity for your project. (When in doubt, send a larger drive.) Also, we strongly suggest that you only send blank drives that do not contain any other files. Timeless DVD is not liable for any damage to pre-existing files on your drive while it is in our possession. See our Convert Video to AVI FAQ page for tips on how to send your own drive.

Alternately, check Purchase a drive for my project if you wish for us to purchase a new drive for your files. If you like, you may provide us with the make and model of a drive that you wish for us to purchase; just note the make and model of the drive you want on the back of the form. Otherwise, we will work with you when working up your estimate to purchase a suitable drive. Leave the total blank if selecting this option, and we will send you an invoice following project submission.

Convert video file

4File format preference: AVI, MOV, or MP4?

The final parameter we need to know if your file format preference for when we transfer video to computer. Files can be provided as AVI, MOV, or MP4.

AVI and MOV are both DV files, and are the best choice if you want to edit the video on your computer. A DV (digital video) file is a fixed data-rate, frame-accurate file type that is the standard used by most video editing programs. AVI and MOV are simply versions of DV files that work, respectively, with the Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

Choose to convert to AVI if you plan to edit your video on a Windows computer. AVI is the DV file format preferred by Windows.

Choose to convert to MOV format if you plan to edit your video files on a Mac computer. MOV (a.k.a. Quicktime) is the DV file format preferred by Apple and Mac computers.

Choose MP4 if you are primarily interested in uploading your video to the internet or a digital device. MP4 (also called H.264) is a heavily compressed file format that is ideal for uploading to video websites, such as YouTube or Vimeo, or for viewing on an iPad or iPhone. MP4 can be edited, but it is not as compatible an editing format as AVI or MOV. Also, it is not ideal for editing due to the heavy compression inherent to the format.

Whether we are converting VHS to computer or any other video tape to digital, your answer to this question depends primarily on the type of computer you are using and your plans for your video files. More information regarding video definitions can be found on our Video Transfer to DVD page.

Convert to MOV format

5Totals: Minutes of video for tapes & VHS to computer

The first lines under the TOTALS section of the order form offers two choices: the 50 cent rate for external hard drive and the $1 rate for data DVDs .

For either option, you fill in the total number of minutes on your video tape. If you are able to watch your video yourself, you can figure this out on your own by rewinding your tape to the beginning, resetting the counter, fast-forwarding the tape from beginning to end, and noting the total time recorded on the tape when it gets to the end. Write down the total minutes you find. (Remember, it's "90 minutes" not 1:30.)

However, if you cannot figure this out because you do not have a working VCR or camcorder, or because you want to convert video file, or otherwise feel unable calculating your total minutes, you are welcome to leave this space on the form blank. After we receive your tapes, we will assess their exact running times and calculate the exact minutes of video in your project. As long as you have indicated whether you want data DVDs or an external hard drive, we will be able to calculate your total cost and then provide you with an accurate invoice.

Similarly, leave the "Hard Drive Cost" line item blank. This line item exists so we can easily add a hard drive to your project if we are purchasing one for you. And of course, if you send in a drive with your project, there is no charge, so the line also remains blank.

payment options

6SUBTOTAL section

Add up the cost of your video minutes, and enter the SUBTOTAL. (Leave blank if minutes of video are unknown.)

Add this subtotal to any rush fees, credits (coupons), 6% PA state tax for PA residents, and the $10.00 shipping cost. If additional shipping is required, we will let you know after we receive your project. Then write the grand total.

Please include full payment with your order. Payment information must be submitted before production can begin. We accept personal checks, major credit cards, and PayPal. Make checks payable to "Timeless DVD." (Checks are not cashed and cards are not charged until project is finished.) Rush orders MUST be paid via credit card or PayPal.

If choosing PayPal, write in the e-mail address that PayPal has on file for your account. We will e-mail a PayPal request to you for the total amount. You must complete your payment through PayPal before we can begin work on your DVD.

If you do not have totals for your project because you do not know the exact minutes of video you are submitting, you do not have to provide payment information until we send the invoice to you.

See our Shipping and Order Production page for instructions
on how to convey your project to us and the final steps in the process.

Order an analog to digital conversion and get editing!


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