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Convert Video to digital video files, and edit your video or upload it yourself! It's easy with Timeless DVD's digital video conversion service. We all have "less than perfect" shots on our home videos that we would prefer to edit out. And video editing software has never been easier or more available.

But it can be difficult to get the video from your tapes onto your computer. You need a device to convert your tapes' analog signal to digital, plus an adequate graphics card and tons of hard drive space. Not to mention know-how!

Timeless DVD can help! We can transfer your tapes to AVI or MOV files, which are editable in virtually any video program. Just load the files onto your computer and you're ready to start your digital video editing! Or select MP4 as your preferred file format if you just want to quickly upload your tapes' video to YouTube, an iPad, or a similar site or device.

We can also accommodate many other video conversions. For instance, we can convert the video on your Mini DVDs to regular video files that you can edit. Or we can convert MP4 files to AVIs, so they are more compatible with the major editing programs. Or we can convert MPEG-2 files to MP4s so you can share them online. If you need a certain type of video conversion – just ask!

Transfer to AVI or MOV - benefits at Timeless DVD


AVI or MOV for editing: the choice is yours!
Most services only convert to AVI – not ideal for Mac users. At Timeless DVD, you choose the format that works best for you!

Convert MP4

Or choose MP4 for easy uploading online!
Want to quicky share your video online or watch it on an iPad? Just choose our MP4 format option for easy uploadable files!

External hard drive or data DVD

Data discs or external hard drive
We can provide your video files on either data DVD discs or an external hard drive. Choose the storage type that suits you!

Hard drive options

Send us a drive of your choice for free!
If choosing the external hard drive option, just send in your own drive! Or we can work with you to purchase a good drive.

Video tapes

All consumer tape and video formats supported
We can convert VHS, 8mm, and virtually any tape you have to digital video files. And we convert video files to other formats too!

Professional hardware

The best professional transfer hardware
We use the same carefully-chosen, professional video processing decks for video file conversion as we do for DVDs.

No automated transfer

No automated computer conversions
We keep an eye on every tape or video as the computer encodes it. This enables us to catch problems and obtain the best quality!

Video to Computer - what about MPEG-2 for editing?

If you want to edit your video, AVI is the standard for Windows and MOV (or Quicktime) is the best choice for Macs. Whether you convert to MOV files or AVI files, keep in mind that each hour of digital video will take up approximately 13 GB of hard drive space (or roughly 4 data DVDs).

We are often asked if we can transfer tape to MPEG-2 instead of video to DV. We can, but we do not advise. MPEG-2 is a compressed file type, meaning that after it is edited, it usually has to be re-compressed – which results in a degradation of the video quality. MPEG-2 is also not a format that works well in most mainstream editing programs.

If you want to edit video, AVI or MOV is far better choice. For more information on the editing downside of MPEG-2, check out our Video to Computer page.

Transfer to AVI or MOV and start editing today!

Transfer VHS Convert VHS-C
Transfer Mini DV Transfer DVCAM
Transfer 8mm video Transfer Hi8
Transfer Digital8 Transfer Betamax
Transfer Mini DVD Transfer video files
Transfer Flash Transfer Camcorder
  Please note we do not transfer professional tape formats such as Betacam, Digibeta or U-matic.

For more information,
see our Tape to DVD page.

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