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We offer two price options for video or tape transfer to computer files. The two options are based upon whether the video files are to be provided upon an external hard drive or data DVDs.

OPTION 1: 50 cents per video minute


Digital video editing

Includes the conversion of your tapes to computer files that are provided on an external hard drive. You may either send in an empty drive of your own for free, or we can work with you to choose a good drive and purchase it on your behalf to use for your project. We recommend this option for all projects, but especially if you are sending in 5 tapes or more.

OPTION 2: $1 per video minute


Camcorder to computer

Includes the conversion of your video to computer files that are provided on a data DVD. Each disc contains about 18 minutes of AVI or MOV video (or a good quantity of MP4 files). This option is higher because your videos need to be divided into segments and authored to discs. We only recommend this option if you are sending in 1–4 tapes or short video files to be converted.

ADDITIONAL INFO for Tapes and Camcorder to Computer


You may send a blank drive along with your tapes and order form. This option is 100% free! The only other cost in your project is the 50-cent per video minute charge.

Ensure that your drive has a large enough capacity for your project. (When in doubt, buy a larger drive.) Also, please only send blank drives that do not contain any files. Timeless DVD is not liable for damage to pre-existing files while your drive is with us. See the Convert Video to AVI FAQ for more.


We can purchase an external drive for use in your digital video editing project. The drive's cost will be included in your total cost.

We work with you to select a drive that works for you and priced affordably. Timeless DVD only purchases drives from reputable sellers and looks for the best available price. You also may ask us to purchase a specific external drive for your project. Just let us know the make and model!


2–3 weeks for one or a few tapes (excluding shipping).
4+ weeks for transfer of 5 or more tapes,
depending upon your specific project. Every large project is different when you convert to MOV file or convert to AVI format.

Turnaround time to convert videos is an estimate, and is always dependent upon your project's complexity and size, our current workload, and the time of the year. If you need your project finished by a specific date, you must confirm it with us BEFORE sending in your order.

RUSH ORDERS for Digital Video Editing

A rush order is a video file conversion that is needed within 1 week or less. We can usually transfer video from one or two tapes within 1 week for a 20% rush fee in addition to the total cost.

You MUST check with us first if you need a rush order. We only guarantee a rush deadline if we have confirmed it to you before your project arrives.

Rush video services always depend upon our current workload and ability to meet your exact project's needs.

Transfer from camcorder to computer the easy way!


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