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How is my DVD packaged?
DVD mastering at Timeless DVD always includes a professionally-designed DVD cover and full-color printed disc. In addition, we include a professional DVD case with every order. While many customers prefer a black DVD case, we also offer white, clear, slimline, and a range of color cases (all available on our DVD packaging page). Multiple-disc cases are available as well.

The discs used in our projects are 100-year archival Taiyo Yuden premium media. Taiyo Yuden's discs are regarded industry-wide as one of the most compatible and long-lasting discs in the world. We offer two finishes: the glossy WaterShield disc, which is water- and scratch-resistant, and traditional matte discs. Whichever you choose, you are assured that your disc is the highest quality available! (We do not use so-called "gold archival" DVDs. One online transfer service claims these DVDs are better, but this is simply marketing hype. Gold DVDs are widely considered to be bargain-basement quality, and are only produced by one manufacturer.)

Finally, every DVD project includes one of our design templates, which are then customized to uniquely fit your project. Our templates were developed by our in-house, trained graphic designer expressly for our customers and are exclusive to Timeless DVD. They ensure that your menu, cover, and disc all match professionally in full color and look amazing!

One final note: unlike many other cheaper video companies, we do not package your DVDs in CD cases. CD cases are not approved for long-term storage of DVD discs, which possess a more fragile central hub and bonding quality than CDs. Storing DVDs in an incorrect case may cause the hub to crack, damaging the DVD forever. For this reason, Timeless DVD only uses qualified DVD cases for ultimate protection of your DVD.

How are the discs printed? Do you use on-disc or direct-disc printing?
Yes. Timeless DVD exclusively uses Primera Bravo disc printers. These printers only print discs, and their print quality is ultra-sharp, photo-quality, and beautifully vivid. These remarkable, professional-grade printers can process hundreds of discs per hour, unlike the lesser-quality consumer-oriented disc printing features offered in some Epson and HP printers.

Why doesn't Timeless DVD use sticky labels?
Many consumers use sticky labels to label their home-created discs. NEVER use sticky labels on your DVDs! Sticky labels can create a host of problems for DVDs that do not exist on CD media.

Here are the primary reasons:
Balance. If a label is not perfectly centered, it can throw off the disc's level in the player and cause it to spin improperly. DVDs are far more sensitive to this than CDs. Even DVD label stompers cannot perfectly position a label.
Heat. DVDs spin faster than CDs and therefore generate more heat. This heat can cause the label to become slightly unstuck from the disc, which again, creates balance issues.
Loss of adhesion. A label is merely a layer of paper over a layer of adhesive. Adhesive does not age well, often turning yellow and hard. Eventually, the paper will become brittle and warp and lift, separating from the adhesive. Sometimes a DVD with a sticky label will work fine for months, and then begin to show errors when the label begins to become unstuck in tiny places.

Paper labels have a much lower longevity than DVD discs, so if you use them, you are limiting the potential lifespan of your DVD. The DVD label will eventually make the DVD unusable long before its natural life is up. Moreover, a peeling label can completely destroy a slot-loading DVD player, such as those found in Macs and in cars! It's just better to not use them at all for DVD production.

Photos in Template Designs

Can I customize my DVD case and disc with a photo?
Yes, absolutely! Most of our design templates can be combined with a photo of your choice. One of the biggest advantages to choosing Timeless DVD is the steps we take to customize your DVD and make it a personal family treasure.

How do I supply a photo for use in my design?
You may provide a hard copy print that we can scan, or a digital photo on CD-R, Flash drive, or memory card. If necessary, you may also e-mail your photo.

Can you use a photo from my website?
We can, but it is not recommended. Images on a website are usually screen resolution or compressed so they load quickly in a browser. They are not suitable for printing, and may appear blurry, pixelated, and otherwise bad-looking when printed on your DVD cover or disc. If you wish to use images from the web, make sure you have the same images as high-resolution originals.

Can I use a screen capture instead of a photo for my design?
No, we do not offer this service at this time. The main reason is because a screen capture taken from a video on DVD is low-resolution, and will look blurry and jagged when printed on a DVD cover and disc. If you wish for your DVD to have a photo, a real photo is a much better option.

Can I add an additional item to my design, such as a logo or second photo?
Sure. One of the advantages of working with Timeless DVD is the lengths we will go to customize your DVD for you. Many of our templates can be adjusted in various ways, and we can often add special features to the design. Just let us know what you have in mind. There is usually no extra charge for adding something special – just ask!

What if I don't need a photo on the menu, cover, and disc design?
Many customers who order DVD transfers do not wish to provide a photo, don't know what's on their tapes, or have ordered a project that will have multiple DVDs from many source tapes. We offer a variety of designs with text only that are perfect for these types of projects.

DVD Mastering - misc questions

My wedding's colors are pink and green. Can my DVD printing match?
Absolutely! We provide a space on your DVD's order form where you can indicatecolors you'd like us to combine with the packaging design. If no colors are specified,we will use compatible colors that work with your photo.

Can I see the fonts you have?
Timeless DVD has literally hundreds of fonts. When you choose a design template, the same fonts that are used in that design will also be on your DVD. If you like a particular template but don't like the included font, just let us know what typeface you are looking for. You may also send a sample of a font you like, and we will try to match it as closely as possible.

I need a VHS copy of my DVD. Will it have the same color packaging as the DVD?
Yes. We use black library cases for VHS copies. They feature a glossy cover insertwith a similar design to your DVD (adjusted for thedifferent dimensions of a VHS box) and color-printed labels on the tape faceand spine.

Will my DVD have menus?
Yes. Every Timeless DVD comes with a Main Menu that matches your design template. If you have included a photo, it will appear there as well. The Main Menu is the first screen you see when you load the DVD conversion, and it includes the Play button.

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