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DVD authoring at Timeless DVD also includes custom design work! While most of our customers choose from our templates for their projects, we can accommodate those who absolutely require graphic art from scratch. We have custom-designed many cases and discs for our customers, including many businesses and nonprofits. We're perfect for those who really want the personal touch that small studio can provide.

Custom-design pricing is $50 per hour. This fee includes special menu design, custom DVD case design, and disc design. Most DVD graphic design ends up being around $400, which includes a cover and disc. However, packaging design cost varies.

You may either give us free range to develop a design, a rough sketch, or very specific layout ideas – it's up to you! Some questions to ask yourself: What audience is this DVD intended for? What is the mood of the DVD? What other DVDs appeal to me, design-wise? What colors appeal to me? And don't forget to consider the photos or artwork you may wish the DVD to have.

If you are interested in a custom designed DVD, contact us prior to sending in your order. For more information, please see the design FAQ on the DVD printing page.

Custom DVD Design Samples

DVD authoring

At right are DVDs that we custom-designed for various customers. They are good examples of the DVD production work we can do aside from our regular design templates.

The first DVD on the left was a DVD duplication job for a customer with two photos. We set one photo on the cover and the other on the disc. The background for the top and bottom bars was faded palm leaves. A white DVD case provides added effect.

The second DVD from the left was for a "this is your life" style DVD video. The customer wished to use photos of the guest of honor throughout the years, as well as a photo of the family house. We composited the three photos into a photo montage, using our famous Photoshop techniques. The title was set as a "faceplate" sign. Everyone in the family loved this special work!

The third DVD was created for a Philadelphia arts nonprofit who asked us to transfer their DVCAM to DVD. They did not have any photos to use, but instead asked us to create a customized design based on the organization's various logos. The resulting DVD is a great match for their website and communication materials – and we even used a blue DVD case to match their colors!

Finally, the DVD on the far right was created for a children's entertainer. She requested camcorder video transfer for an 8mm tape, and also needed portions of the video to be transferred to MP4 files that were to be submitted for a grant. We were able to draw from her marketing materials, including a drawing of herself, to create a DVD that looked terrific with her brochure and business card!

DVD Authoring

Don't forget, Timeless DVD also offers DVD design templates, which work well for many of our customers. We can even tweak them to meet your requirements if needed. Check them out at on our following pages:
Designs with Text Only | Designs with Photos

Does your special project need custom DVD design?


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