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Timeless DVD has created DVD templates that enable you to design artwork compatible with our equipment. Download the file type that works for your DVD duplication project. Use template as a layer in your program of choice.

artwork top
  artwork PSD PSD (zipped)
  artwork TIFF TIFF (zipped)
Duplicate DVD
artwork line
  artwork PSD PSD (zipped)
  artwork TIFF TIFF (zipped)
DVD dubbing
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• Color mode: CMYK

• Resolution: 300 dpi

• Artwork must extend into bleed areas

• Files can be layered PSDs or JPEGS or TIFFs.
JPEG/TIFF: Delete template before final save. If template lines are flattened into your art, we cannot remove them when we duplicate DVD copies.

Rasterize fonts if submitting layered PSDs


bad disc good disc

DIMENSIONS: 1425 x 1425 pixels
4.75 x 4.75 inches
(inner hole: 1" wide)

Square edges of file: "Bleed" allotment
Background artwork should fill entire background of template as well as inner hole. Do not cut anything into shape of a circle.

Blue solid lines: Edges of finished disc
Art will print to these edges on finished disc.

Green dotted lines: Safety margin
Keep all important text and essential elements between green dotted lines. This ensures they are not distorted or cut off when we copy DVD discs.

The disc on the left is a design that was set up incorrectly. The artwork does not fill the background, but is cut into circle shapes. Also, the title crosses the green lines and is too close to the edge. The disc on the right has a correctly-setup background and the text fits well between the green lines. This design is ideal when we duplicate videos!


Artwork insert

Cut size: 10.75" x 7.25"
(Spine: .55" wide; front/back panels: 5.1" wide)
Full layout with bleed: 11" x 7.5"

Blue shaded area: Bleed area
Background artwork should extend into the blue zones on all four sides of the layout. An artwork bleed ensures that when the insert is cut to size, no white paper gaps will appear along the edge. Bleed is 1/8".

Dark blue line: Trim line (edge of cut size)

Green shaded area: Safety margin
Keep all important text and essential elements away from green areas. This provides a clean margin and avoids anything being cut off or distorted. Safety margin is 1/8".

Pink dotted lines: Fold line at spine

We recommend submitting your insert as a layered PSD file, which gives us more flexibility in adjusting your artwork to align with the spine during DVD reproduction.


• Templates are not required when we copy DVDs for you. However, we use our templates to process artwork when we copy DVD disk projects, so we can usually deliver faster turnaround when clients use our templates.

• Artwork can be included with your order on a CD-R or Flash drive. See our DVD Duplicator – How to Order page for more information. We do not offer online uploading when we dub DVDs.

• Do not send PDFs or layout files from any design program for DVD dubbing orders. If you wish to use a program such as InDesign or QuarkXPress, import our template and export your finished design as a 300 dpi TIFF or JPEG.

• Do not expect your disc and insert cover to perfectly match samples you print with your home inkjet printer. There is tremendous variation between printers, paper surfaces, and ink cartridge brands. Variation occurs with any short-run DVD duplication order. If color is essential to you, we can send a sample of the insert and disc to you for approval before we process your DVD copying.


Templates make our DVD duplication services a snap!


Copyright © 2004–2012 by Timeless DVD
Pennsylvania • 19446

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