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What is the turnaround time?
1–2 weeks for most orders (less than 100 discs). 2+ weeks for larger orders or projects with special packaging or design requirements. See our Video Service page for more, including details on rush services.

How much does it cost?
The price depends on the quantity of discs ordered and the choice of packaging. For details, see the DVD Duplication page.

How do I place an order and get my materials to you?
Visit our DVD Duplicator page for detailed ordering instructions. Our Order Form is available as a PDF at the top of the page. Then simply pack up your disc(s) and send the package to us. We'll let you know as soon as your order arrives. For detailed packaging and shipping options, visit our Shipping and Order Production page.

How many DVD copies can you do?
We specialize in small orders of 1–100 discs. However, we can accept larger orders if needed. In general, DVD duplicating is the best process for orders under 500 copies. If your project is larger than that, you should look into a DVD replication company instead.

What kind of verifications do you run on the discs to make sure they work?
Timeless DVD uses a very detailed duplication process, which ensures that every copy we create works as perfectly as the original. This multi-step process does take time! However, running all of these verifications allows the duplicator and its top-of-the-line Pioneer drives to systematically eliminate any defective discs.

First, we verify all of the data on your original disc to make sure it is error free and can be copied successfully. The data is then copied from the master disc to an internal hard drive, which means that any disc read errors are eliminated from the copy process (this can happen when copying straight from disc to disc). To make the copies, the duplicator writes the data from the hard drive to each disc. It then compares the copied disc against the original data to make sure it is identical. Finally, the duplicator verifies that the duplicated disc is 100% readable on its own.

When ordering a DVD duplication, always choose a duplication company that will turn on these "compare" and "verify" features. Many larger duplication companies switch this feature off to save time, which enables them to bulk-process more orders and make more money. Timeless DVD's smaller size allows us to handle every project on an individual basis, which provides a level of quality control throughout the duplication process that large companies can't match.

Can you copy home DVD discs that I made on my computer?
Yes. It will be an exact copy of your original. And we can take the DVD discyou made and add beautiful artwork and a real DVD case to it as well.

Can you duplicate video DVDs of movies that I bought?
No. Timeless DVD cannot copy videos protected under US Copyright Law,which includes store-bought DVDs.

What kinds of discs are acceptable?
We can make a copy of any DVD: DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, or DVD-RAM. We can also copy Mini DVD to DVD (we characterize this as a video conversion rather than duplication).

Is there a quality loss when copies are made?
No. The exact data on your original disc is copied bit-for-bit to new discs.Quality loss is impossible. Remember, this process is not like dubbing one tapeto another. All of the information on aDVD is digital, and so it can be copied exactly, just like files on a computer.We can make an unlimited number of copies from your original disc with no qualityloss whatsoever.

What's the difference between duplication services and replication?
Duplication and replication are the two methods for DVD copying. They aredifferent in two ways: the copying process and the quantity of discs each issuited for.

Duplication is the appropriate copy solution for making small quantities of DVDs, generally up to a few hundred copies. It uses lasers to burn information onto the dye inside a DVD, and is affordable and convenient. Timeless DVD only produces duplicated DVDs.

Replication is the copying process for reproducing large quantities of DVDs. It has a far more complex process than duplication. First, a glass master is made from the original master DVD disc. Stampers are then created from the glass master. The stampers are used to press the discs with injection molding made of raw polycarbonate plastic.

Replication facilities usually require at least 500 copies to be made of the DVD, due to the complexity of the setup. It can also take longer than ordering a duplication. Therefore, replication is primarily used for commercial DVDs.

In general, replicated discs do not have compatibility issues, while duplicated discs can encounter compatibility problems with some DVD players. However, this problem is diminishing over time.

DVD Duplicating - packaging and design

What type of discs are used?
We only use top-quality, 100-year-archival Taiyo Yuden premium DVD-R media for our DVD copying and duplication services. Taiyo Yuden DVDs are regarded by the recording industry as one of the most compatible and long-lasting discs in the world. We offer TY's traditional matte disc as well as their glossy WaterShield discs, which are water-resistant and scratch-resistant, and feature a stunning finish that is completely smudge-free. We special-order all our discs from professional suppliers and do not use consumer-grade media, such as you would buy at local office or electronics stores.

Remember, not all media is good. Buying a "good" blank disc is not a matter of using a name brand disc or purchasing the most expensive label. Using a disc brand that is poorly rated by industry analysts will result in lower compatibility and a shorter lifespan. Make sure to ask your duplication company what they use! Timeless DVD uses Taiyo Yuden because it is arguably the best blank media available, with an extremely low error rate and high compatibility record.

Lastly, a word about so-called "gold archival" DVDs. One online media preservation company screams loudly that they use gold archival DVDs, which are supposedly more durable and long-lasting. This is purely marketing hype. Gold DVD media are only produced by one manufacturer, which is well-known to use sub-par materials and dye in its discs. In addition, gold discs are less reflective than silver discs, a key component in DVD quality. Don't be fooled by hype!

How is DVD duplication printing accomplished? Do you use sticky labels?
We use dedicated direct-to-disc printers from Primera Bravo to print all of ourdiscs, which is the safest and most attractive method. For more information ondisc printing and why sticky labels should NEVER be used for DVDs, see our DVDPrinting FAQ.

Can I provide my own discs?
No. We cannot print on anything other than the discs we stock, nor guarantee correct authoring and longevity.

I designed my own disc and case. Can we put my artwork on the DVD copies?
Yes. For options C and D, just provide your artwork files on disc or Flash drivewith your order. Please ensure that your artwork conforms to the DVD insert anddisc dimensions required by our equipment. (Setup charges apply if we have tospend significant time adjusting your artwork because it was not done correctly.)See our Copy DVDs Artwork Guidelines page for thedetails.

Alternatively, we can also scan a hard copy of your cover and disc, although digital artwork that is sized correctly is preferred for quality.

Can I put a photo on the disc or cover when you copy my DVD?
Yes. Please select Option C or D, which includes color printing. We can eitheruse your own artwork or you may combine your photo with one of our templatesto create the art.

Are a main menu or chapters included with the duplication?
Your DVD disc is an exact clone of your original. If you havemenus on your disc already, they will be copied as well. If your video has chapterstops, they will be on your duplicated discs. If you don't, there won't be menusor chapters.

Can Timeless DVD put menus on my DVD?
Yes, we can, for an additional fee, since we will need to extract your videoand reauthor the disc because making the copies. Please contact us with yourrequest prior to project submission.

Why use Timeless DVD to copy videos?

Not all duplication projects fit best with a large duplication company. True, they can offer extremely low prices. However, there are tradeoffs.

One tradeoff is many large companies will not put the same effort into a careful burning and authoring process that we do. Our authoring process includes multiple steps, including error-checking the master disc, comparing each DVD copy to the original for accuracy, and verifying the readability of every duplicated disc. Large companies, which are focused on sheer volume rather than detail, will not allot the time it takes for their duplicator towers to run these checks.

Another tradeoff is artwork. One of the largest duplication companies requires that your digital artwork files are set up 100% perfectly when they receive them – or they charge a $75 setup fee! As a smaller company, and one that is well-versed in graphic design Timeless DVD can spend more time making needed small adjustments to your artwork to ensure that it prints well. While we do ask you to look at our artwork guidelines, we will only charge additional fees if your files are done extremely poorly.

A duplication company cannot be everything to everybody. Timeless DVD specializes in short runs for DVD duplication – that's it! We are a great solution for individuals, families, or organizations who need an easy ordering process. Our prices are competitive for the services we offer. But granted, if you are looking for the cheapest price available, and don't care about quality or support, then we are not the best solution for you.

Duplication services - other questions

Can I get copy protection on my DVD copies?
Timeless DVD does not offer copy protection for a few reasons. First, CSS (copy scrambling system) protection is only available with replicated DVDs since it can only be added from a glass master. The reason for this is the "disc key," which is part of the CSS setup, is stored on tracks that cannot be written on a DVD-R or any duplicated disc. Since Timeless DVD does not do replication, only duplication, we cannot offer copy protection.

But beyond that, the bottom line is that there is simply no copy protection that cannot be and has not been cracked. If someone wants to make a copy of your DVD, they can do so with relatively little effort and via many easily-available software programs. CSS, in particular, is inherently a very weak protection. The ease of cracking copyrighted DVDs is why Hollywood is constantly inventing new copy protection schemes!

So if you want our honest opinion: adding copy protection to a DVD is a waste of money for most small projects. You will spend a significant sum to add copy protection to your DVD, and in all likelihood, someone will crack it someday anyway.

Can you convert a PAL disc to NTSC and make duplicates?
No. Timeless DVD does not currently handle PAL (or SECAM) material in any of our video services, including DVD duplicating.

Will I get my original DVD back when DVD copying is finished?
Absolutely! Any materials you send to us will be carefully handled throughout production and returned to you with your DVD copies. We do not keep or discard any of our clients' possessions.

Do you watch the video as you copy DVD disc?
No. The duplication process is entirely automated. The data on your originalDVD is simply copied over to new discs. We do not see any of the video at all.

Can you copy videos for tapes?
Yes, we can duplicate videotapes of all kinds, from VHS to Mini DV. That serviceis not included in our main options because we are primarily a DVD services company(and we have few requests these days for videotape copies). Packaging optionsvary from format to format, and keep in mind that unlike DVDs, there is alwaysa quality loss when dubbing copies of videotapes. Please let us know what workyou need and we will provide a custom quote for you.

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