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Hey – we know that you can have lots of questions when you prepare to transfer videos! Our comprehensive FAQ section is designed to give you the answers. These first four sections of questions deal with general issues that apply to all orders, while the second section offers FAQs geared to each our services individually.

DVD Services

What is the turnaround time?
Do you do rush orders?
Do you scan photos or negatives?
Can you transfer copyrighted material?
Plus more general questions about DVD services. . .

Transfer to DVD service

How do I send in my order?
Can I drop it off if I'm local?
How are my tapes sent back to me?
Is it safe to send my video tapes in the mail?
Plus more about ordering transferto DVD service .. .

Video to DVD service

Will my DVD play in my DVD player?
Do you offer refunds?
Will my video be kept confidential?
Can I see a sample of Timeless DVD's work?
And more about video to DVD service . . .

DVD printing

Does the DVD service include packaging?
Why is it bad to use sticky labels on DVD discs?
Can I use a screen capture or web photo on my DVD?
Can I get a VHS copy of my DVD?
And more about DVD printing .. .


Transfer video to DVD

What video tape formats does Timeless DVD handle?
How much video fits on one DVD?
Will transferring my tape fix its playback problems?
Can I edit video from my DVD on my computer?
And more about how we transfer video to DVD . . .

Convert video to AVI

I want to edit my tapes. What service do I order?
What's the difference between AVI and MOV?
How much does it cost for files I can edit myself?
How are the video files provided to me?
Plus more about how to convert video to AVI . . .

Video to DVD conversion

Do I need to finalize my Mini DVDs?
What types of Flash memory cards do you accept?
Can I take the hard drive out of my cam and send it?
Will the quality be the same on DVD as on my original?
And more about camcorder video to DVD conversion . . .

DVD copying

What's the difference between duplication and replication?
Can I use artwork I designed on the cover and disc?
Why choose Timeless DVD for duplication?
Can I get copy protection added to my DVDs?
And more about DVD copying . . .


Timeless DVD is your partner in converting video!


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