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What is the turnaround time?
See our Video Service page for information about turnaround, due dates, and rush orders.

How much does it cost?
All of our prices are available online; there are no hidden costs. Please visit the page for the service you are interested in:
Video to DVD – Prices
Convert to Video Files – Prices
Digital Camcorder Conversion – Prices
DVD Duplication – Prices

Where will my order be processed?
We do all work in our fully-equipped studio in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. No order is EVER outsourced. We realize how precious your video tapes are to you!

Keep in mind that most of the transfer services you see advertised at drugstores or big box stores outsource your tapes or materials far away to be processed – such as the other side of the country or even to India! If this isn't being done, they are using bare-bones, in-house processors that can be operated by a minimum wage clerk. Timeless DVD offers the safest and highest-quality service by doing all the work on our premises by staff who have exactly the right experience and skill. If you entrust us with your video tapes and photos, you'll always know where to find them!

Shouldn't I find a company that's closer to where I live?
Timeless DVD works with customers from all over the United States. Unless you feel a need to personally drop off your materials, there is absolutely no advantage to using a company that is your town. We advise you to choose a video transfer service based on your needs and the benefits a particular company can offer you, not map location. With e-mail and trackable shipping, we are able to easily serve clients across the country!

Can I drop off an order and wait for it to be finished?
No. We do not offer same-day service or turnaround. We also do not offer waiting facilities.

Do you do scanning of photos, negatives, or slides?
No. Timeless DVD handles video exclusively, not scanning.

Do you convert audio tapes to CDs or MP3 files?
No. Again, Timeless DVD is a VIDEO service. We advise looking for a company that specializes in transferring audio. There are many services that convert records or LPs to CDs, and they are generally able to handle audio tapes as well.

Video service ordering is confusing. Can you give me a quote?
Sure. Please e-mail us with as much information about your project as possible –whether you want to transfer video to PC OR DVD – and we will work up a pricefor you. For DVD transfer estimates, please visit our Videosto DVD page.

What's included on my DVD?

What packaging comes with my DVD?
Every DVD we produce includes a color DVD cover, authentic Amaray DVD case, and color on-disc printed disc. We offer a range of designs that can be combined with a photo of your choice and DVD cases in a rainbow of colors. See our DVD Design section for more information.

Can I include a title for my DVD?
Yes. You may submit a personalized title with up to 2 lines of text for every DVD we produce. The title appears on the Main Menu, cover (front and spine), and printed disc.

How will my DVD work?
Place your DVD in your player and close the drawer. The Main Menu will appear. Simply hit Play to watch your video. The main menu will also have a button called "Scene Selections." On this menu, you can use the buttons to navigate the content of your DVD. Or simply hit the "back" and "next" buttons while playing your video to quickly jump back and forth in your content.

What are chapters? Will my DVD have chapters?
Chapters are invisible bookmarks in your video that enable you to jump quickly from one section of the video to another. Think of them as chapters in a book. Your DVD includes chapter stops at approximately 5-minute intervals during your video, depending on the length of the video. These chapter stops are displayed on the on-screen Scenes Selection menu and on the back of the DVD cover. If you add the optional customized scenes selection menu, you can indicate up to 8 customized chapter stops of your choice.

Copies of your VCR & video camera transfer

Can I order copies of my DVD?
Absolutely! Additional DVD copies may be added to the order form with your project, or requested after the order is finished – at ANY time in the future. Each copy is an exact duplicate of your original DVD, including video quality and packaging. A DVD makes a wonderful and unique gifts for friends and family – as well as an invaluable backup copy to your original! To order copies, just contact us at info@timelessdvd.com.

The cost of additional copies starts at $12 per copy, and prices are reduced depending on the number of copies ordered. For very large orders, prices can be substantially discounted. We keep a tally of your copies and reduce per-copy prices as you reach our various levels of quantity discounts.

Unlike most other companies, we archive your DVD forever FOR FREE, so you and your loved ones can order additional copies – even if it's been years since your project was completed! Most other DVD companies wipe your entire project from their equipment after an order is delivered, or charge an annual "subscription fee." What nonsense just to keep a copy of a disc!

Can I make copies of my DVD myself?
Yes, if you have the proper software and a DVD burner. Our DVDs are not copyright-protected in any way and you own the copyright to your video and photos. If you need copies, however, the fastest, easiest, and most secure way is to order them from us, because we are able to provide all the printing, packaging, DVD cases, and high-quality discs that were part of your original order.

Can my relatives order copies of my DVD and have the copies sent directly to them?
Yes. However, for confidentiality, you must request the copies from us and handlepayment. We will then mail the copies directly to your family and friends' homes,using trackable USPS mail.

Transfer video to PC & DVD

What type of DVD discs do you use?
For DVD projects, we record to DVD-R discs. We exclusively use Taiyo Yuden 100-year archival premium discs. Taiyo Yuden DVDs are widely regarded the most compatible, reliable, error-free, and long-lasting media in the world. We offer TY's traditional matte disc as well as their glossy WaterShield discs, which are water-resistant and scratch-resistant, and feature a stunning finish that is completely smudge-free. (DVD+R discs are also available by request.)

By the way – do not believe companies that advertise using "gold archival DVDs" because they're more "durable" or "long-lasting." This is 100% marketing hype. Gold discs are less reflective than silver media. Only one manufacturer produces gold discs, and the internal dye they use is, to be kind, not the best quality. These discs are on par with the lower-quality blank media types. The only manufacturer claiming that gold discs are better is – natch – the manufacturer itself. The company advertising their use of gold discs either fell victim to the hype or has a business relationship with the disc manufacturer. Don't fall for their claims!

How long do DVDs last?
The best estimate puts DVD longevity at 25–50 years. Manufacturers like to claim 100 years or longer, which is entirely possible, but the fact is that no one really knows for sure since the technology is so new.

In all cases, longevity can be reduced by poor quality discs. Not all blank DVD discs are created equal; some are known for using unstable dye formulations or subpar manufacturing. Timeless DVD only uses high-quality, archival Taiyo Yuden discs, so your DVDs are starting off on the right foot.

Following that, handling your DVDs carefully and correctly is the most important thing you can do to improve their lifespans. See our Disc Dos and Don'ts page for a list of tips.

Why is DVD a good medium for preserving video?
See our Why Convert Tapes to the DVD Format? page for an extensive discussion.

Why do VHS and other video tapes lose quality and wear out?
See our Video Tape to DVD page for a description of this issue.

What does it mean to "digitize" for video transfers to DVD?
When you digitize or transfer home video tapes, you are converting them from a physical, analog format to a digital file. This is true whether you are converting to a DVD or to a computer video file. Digital files are comprised of binary computer code of 1's and 0's, whereas analog sources are electromagnetic in nature. This is why DVDs can be perfectly copied and never wear out (computer files are unalterable). By comparison, video tapes are made of imperfect, decaying material, and can be affected by magnetic fields.

Will DVD become obsolete?
Yes. All technology becomes obsolete over time. But the widespread consumer acceptance of DVD guarantees that players will be available for a long time to come, making it the best current video preservation option. The best way to safeguard your video content is to create duplicate copies of your DVD as well as transfer the original tape to a secondary medium, such as video files on a hard drive or Mini DV videotape.

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