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How do I place an order and get my materials to you?
Simply fill out the appropriate order form, pack up your materials, and send the package to us. We'll let you know as soon as your order arrives.

Order form PDFs and step-by-step instructions can be found on each service's How to Order page. Please see:
Video to DVD – How to Order
Convert to Video Files – How to Order
Video Conversion for Digital Camcorder – How to Order
DVD Duplication – How to Order

For detailed packing and shipping/pickup information, see:
Shipping and Order Production

Can you help me fill out the order form for my DVD transfers?
First, make sure to take a look at our ordering instructions linked above forour various services. We have provided extensive step-by-step directions thatcan help if you have questions about the items on the order form. We strive to make the process enjoyable and easy to understand! Butif you still have questions, just e-mailus.

Also, if you're confused by anything on the order form, we encourage you to simply write out your instructions on a separate paper in a way that makes sense to you. If we have questions about what you write, we'll ask!

Do I have to add sales tax?
If you live in Pennsylvania, or if we will be shipping the order to a Pennsylvania address, you must add 6% sales tax.

What is the $15 shipping fee?
We charge a flat fee of $15, which covers UPS Ground shipping for most orders within the continental United States. For larger orders, such as video transfer to DVD for many videotapes or larger duplication jobs, or to locations in Hawaii or Alaska, we may need to raise the shipping fee. We will contact you after we receive your order if this is the case. We will also need to raise the fee if you desire the finished project to be shipped to you via overnight service.

Please note that additional shipping charges must be paid before the finished project can be sent. If you know you will require additional shipping charges before sending your order, please contact us so we can give you an estimate.

What types of payment are accepted?
We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover credit cards, as well as checks and PayPal. We do not accept money orders or cash at this time.

When is payment expected?
We require payment information to be provided up front to cover our work, once the final cost has been determined. Payment can be a credit card number, check, or PayPal payment. However, please note that while we require this information to be on hand, we usually do not charge a card or cash a check until the project is 99% completed and ready to ship or deliver. We are a small and specialized business, and this process provides security for both of us. Order production does not begin until we have payment information on hand.

I do not live in the United States. Can I still order?
Sorry, we currently only work with customers located in the United States. Thisis mainly because of the technical restrictions of DVDs and worldwide televisionformats, but also because of the more complex payment and shipping issues involved.

Can I provide my own blank DVD discs?
No. We only use our own in-house discs. This way we control the quality of our product.

I received a coupon for $10 off my Timeless DVD order. How do I use it?
We often send customers coupons for our services, and always after theyhave provided us with a testimonial. If you'd like to use your coupon, just includeit with your order form and deduct $10 from your order in the "Credits" boxwhen totaling your costs.

VCR tapes to DVD - shipping

I live in the suburban Philadelphia area. Can you pick up my order or can I drop it off?
Possibly. If you live in southeastern Pennsylvania and your project totals $300 or more (about 10 tapes), you may request free pickup.Our delivery person will come to your home or office to collect your order. Service is provided in Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, and parts of Philadelphia county, as well as the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton area. Sorry, we are not able to offer this service in Center City Philadelphia.

We apologize but we are currently unable to offer customers the ability to drop off their orders.

We encourage customers to ship their orders to us if possible. The vast majority of our orders are shipped, and we receive orders from all over the country every day. It's fast, safe, and convenient, and saves everyone time and gas!

I've sent in my order. What happens next?
If you like, you may e-mail us to let us know to watch for your project. We'llcontact you when we receive your materials so you'll know they're safe. Thenwe'll get to work, transferring from VCR to DVD or whatever work is needed. Ifyour order form raises a question, we'll be back in touch. Please remember our turnaroundtimes whileyou are waiting for your project to be finished.

How are my finished DVD and materials sent back to me?
We use UPS Ground service for return shipping, which is trackable and extremelyreliable. If you would like us to ship your order with overnight shipping orvia a different carrier, please let us know and we will change the shipping coston your order accordingly.

DVD transfers - nervousness!

Will my tapes and photos be returned?
Absolutely! Any materials you send to us, including videotapes, photos, and CDs, will be carefully handled throughout the production process and returned to you in their original condition along with your finished DVD. We do not keep or discard any of our clients' possessions after we transfer home videos to DVD, and we handle your materials with the greatest of care.

Is it safe to send my tapes and photos?
There is always a risk in sending anything. However, we have never had any videotapes damaged or lost when using a trackable carrier. This is why we advise using a company like UPS or FedEx, and why we recommend carefully packing your videos with a sturdy box and bubble wrap. The shipping processis out of our hands, so the care you take is largely up to you.

We realize how important your videos and photos are. We treat all customers' materials as if they were our own. When your order is in own studio, we leave it in the packaging you sent it in until we work with it, and return it to the same packaging when we are finished. Our studio is an air-conditioned, smoke-free environment, and your materials are never exposed to heat, sunlight, or any detrimental conditions. Plus, we are a small company providing individualized service to all our clients, not a huge corporate facility where items can be easily lost.

We receive orders from all over the United States on a daily basis. To date, Timeless DVD has never lost or damaged any video tape or photograph. We guarantee that your materials will be returned to you in the same condition as we received them, unless something catastrophic occurs that is out of our control.

Should I be nervous about ordering transfer to DVD service over the Internet?
This is a legitimate concern, especially when you are trusting a company withyour precious family memories. We want you tofeel comfortable choosing Timeless DVD tocopy video to DVD.Here are a few features we offer to alleviate this worry:
Testimonials. We are proud to show comments that real Timeless DVD customers have written for us after their projects have been completed. Timeless DVD has been in business since 2003 and has accumulated many satisfied customers!
Samples. We offer samples of our video transfer work online as well as a Sample Disc with full-quality transfer samples that you may order. We believe in showing you work we've done for previous customers so you know exactly what we can do for you.
– Multiple ways to pay. We can take checks or credit cards, or you can handle payment yourself through your PayPal account. If you are uncomfortable about marking your credit card information on the order form, you may send a check. Or you can control the payment entirely by using PayPal. We offer all these options to put you at ease.

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