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Turnaround time depends on the complexity and size of your order and our current workload in the studio at the time your project arrives.

We handle most projects on a "first come, first served" basis. Therefore, turnaround will be slower during busy times of the year, such May/June (weddings/graduations) and November/December (holidays), or after a unusually large quantity of orders has arrived.

These are very general turnaround estimates for our services (NOT guaranteed timeframes):

Convert Videos to DVD / Convert to Video Files:
2–3 weeks for one or a few tapes.
4+ weeks for transfer of 5 or more tapes, depending upon the complexity and size of your specific project. Every large project is different. Turnaround time is also longer if you are requesting an estimate for tape to DVD services.

Digital Camcorder Conversion:
Turnaround time depends on the file format used by the camcorder and how many files and finished DVDs are involved. Much variation exists between different manufacturers' camcorders and file formats. In general, the turnaround ranges from 1–2 weeks for a straight Mini DVD-to-DVD duplication to a many weeks for a project that includes 100 video files on a Flash memory card.

DVD Duplication:
1–2 weeks for most orders (less than 100 discs). 2+ weeks for larger orders or projects with special DVD printing or design requirements.

We understand that you want your order completed as quickly as possible. Please allow plenty of time for us to complete the work so you receive the best results. Timeless DVD is focused on providing high quality and customized work, and so that is our priority rather than fast turnaround. Please be aware of this before submitting your order.

Due dates for transferring video to DVD

If you need your project finished by a certain date, we welcome you to discuss your needs with us prior to sending in your order. Keep in mind:

All due dates must be discussed and confirmed with us before you submit your project.

We only guarantee a desired timeframe if we have confirmed prior to project submission that your order will fit into our production schedule. We always do our best to accommodate a customer's time expectations, but you must let us know what you need. We are not responsible for meeting an expected turnaround time that has not been communicated to us.

Do you offer rush orders to convert videos to DVD?

A video to DVD transfer, tape transfer to video files (convert to MOV or AVI), digital camcorder video conversions to DVD, or DVD duplication that is needed within 1 week or less is considered a rush order. The rush fee is an additional 20% of the total project cost. Orders that include video tapes are usually limited to two tapes. Rush orders require credit card or PayPal payment (no checks).

You MUST check with us prior to submitting your order if you need a rush order. We only guarantee a rush order deadline if we have confirmed it before a project arrives.

Availability always depends upon your exact project parameters as well as our current workload of commitments to existing customers. We reserve the right to offer rush services for individual projects only when we can be sure we can fulfill them. Rush video service is not offered when we are overcommitted.

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