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Will the DVD play in my DVD player?
Timeless DVD uses the DVD-R format, a DVD disc type that is compatible with approximately 95% of all existing home DVD players – but not all. Check your DVD player documentation to see if it supports DVD-R. If you have specific requirements for a different format, such as DVD+R, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you. You can also check known format incompatibilities for your DVD player make and model at: www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers. The good news is that at this point in time, it is extremely unusual for a current DVD player to be incompatible with a Timeless DVD disc.

Timeless DVD takes a few steps to ensure that our DVDs will play in your player after a digital video transfer to DVD. First, we use high-grade Taiyo Yuden discs, which are well-known for having few compatibility issues. We employ a careful process that includes professional DVD authoring software, which ensures that our DVDs are compliant with official DVD specifications. We also verify every disc after it has been burned, both electronically and by testing it out in a real, consumer DVD player. And we use on-disc printing rather than sticky labels, which can peel.

Finally, we guarantee that our DVDs will play in your specific player if you have written its make and model on the order form. That enables us to research your exact DVD player before finishing your project. However, it is very important that you list your player ahead of time, before we create your disc! This is an extra measure of service that few other DVD transfer services provide, but we think it is essential to avoiding potential problems.

If you have any doubt about your DVD player's compatibility before placing your order, please contact us and we will research your player to determine whether it will be compatible. As an additional measure of safety, we can send a copy of our Sample Disc to you, which you can then try out on your player. If it works, then you shouldn't have trouble with any other disc we provide. Visit our Transfer Video page for more information.

What should I do if my DVD doesn't play?
If you provided your model number and we sent a disc that should have been compatible after converting to DVD, we recommend that you first follow the instructions below for cleaning your DVD or player. You might have a bit of dust or dirt in your machine. If you did not specify your player on the order form, we will need to know the make and model before sending a replacement disc, and you will need to return the disc you have first.

What if my DVD plays, but is defective or damaged?
If you have trouble with your DVD when you receive it, please let us know immediately. If the DVD was cracked or broken during shipping, we will replace it. We electronicallyand visibly inspect every disc before it ships out, but damage can occur.

If you see recording defects while viewing your DVD transfer that are NOT evident on your source recording, let us know immediately. After you return the DVD disc and your original tape to us, we will transfer your video again, free of charge. However, please keep in mind that this offer is limited to instances where the disc shows issues that are not on the original recording, and that some defects on the original tape may carry into the DVD version.

Will the DVD play on my computer?
If your computer has a DVD drive, your DVD will be playable in it. A PC needs to have DVD player software installed such as PowerDVD or WinDVD, while Macs are equipped with built-in DVD player software. However, keep in mind that our DVDs are primarily intended for viewing on a television. Computer monitors have higher resolution and so your DVD may not look as good there as it does on your TV. In particular, excessive brightness and "jagged edges" are frequently apparent when watching a DVD on a computer.

I'd like to send my DVD to my relatives in Germany. Will they be able to watch it?
The bottom line is that we cannot guarantee that the NTSC we create for you will work with your relatives' DVD player in Germany (or England, or France). However, it might.

Different areas of the world use 3 main television standards. The system used in the U.S. and Canada is called NTSC. Western Europe and Australia use a system called PAL, and Eastern Europe and France use SECAM. The standards are distinguished by the number of horizontal lines on the screen, the frame rate, and for digital signals, the pixel dimensions of the screen.

Because of these different standards, it is usually impossible to view a video program or DVD that is recorded in a country that uses a different television standard than yours. However, we have heard that PAL DVD players are often able to play NTSC DVDs (while the reverse is generally not true). At this time, Timeless DVD cannot create PAL or SECAM DVDs for your overseas relatives.

How to clean your DVD or after you copy VCR to DVD

If your DVD is simply "stuttering" in the DVD player, and you know DVD-Rs usually play fine in it, you may have a slightly dirty disc or DVD player. Because short-run DVDs lack the plastic coating of mass-produced store-bought DVDs, they are highly sensitive to the tiny particles that are commonly found in most DVD players. Dust or dirt on the player's laser can cause pausing, stopping, skipping and soundtrack issues.

When this happens, we advise you first to clean your disc. Many problems can be solved by wiping your disc with glass cleaner and a soft paper towel. Spritz the disc, then wipe straight out from the center hole to the outer edge, all the way around the disc (not in a circular fashion). When the DVD is dry, try playing it again.

If that doesn't work, a second solution is to play a DVD laser-lens cleaner in your DVD player. A DVD laser-lens cleaner is a DVD disc containing tiny brushes that "sweep" your DVD player's laser lens, and it can be purchased at most electronics stores. If you have never cleaned your DVD player's lens before, you run the cleaner at least 2-3 times to ensure that all of the dust and dirt is removed.

If these steps haven't solved your problem, just let us know and we will replace your disc. We may ask that you send back your disc so we can examine the error.

Why can digital video transfer have incompatibility issues?

A short-run DVD is constructed differently than a DVD you buy in a store. Commercial DVDs are "pressed" in mass quantities in large DVD replication facilities, use a slightly different specification, and have few compatibility issues as a result. But most DVD transfers do not need more than a few copies, and so they are burned rather than pressed, using dye to write the data rather than a glass mold.

Manufacturers of inexpensive players often cut costs by omitting features, including aspects of DVD specifications. This creates DVD compatibility issues with various disc formats. Older machines can also have compatibility problems because DVD technology has changed over time. If your player has problems playing DVD-R discs, there is a good chance that you will eventually experience problems with other discs as well, even commercial movies. We recommend that you purchase a newer player that is more compatible.

In addition, not all DVD discs are created equal. While they may all look the same discs are manufactured by different companies, and quality control practices vary widely. This is even true for so-called "name brand" media. Even when purchasing the same brand at two different stores, you don't really know what type of discs are really in the box unless you check them with specialized media code software applications, which read the manufacturing codes embedded on the disc itself. Lesser quality discs may be compatible with fewer players, or play more erratically over time.

Because of this, Timeless DVD is extremely careful when we stock DVD media. We only purchase Taiyo Yuden discs (well-regarded as the best quality disc available) from reputable suppliers who guarantee that their media to be authentic. We also utilize media code software to double-check our discs. Rest assured, we try our best to make sure all the discs we provide are compatible when we convert video to DVD!

Refunds due to incompatibility

Timeless DVD video services does not offer refunds based on player incompatibility due to the time involved when we transfer video cassette to DVD. We ask that you provide the make and model of your DVD player on our order form so we can avoid any compatibility problems ahead of time. If you do not do this, we cannot re-author your project or provide a new disc for free after the order is completed.

Our DVDs are compatible with almost all DVD players and, more importantly, are compliant with DVD standards and specifications. For this reason, absent a scratch or dirt on the disc, any problem almost certainly lies with a DVD player's internal working rather than our disc.

Since the cost of a DVD player is so low these days, it is a far better solution for you to purchase a new player. Unfortunately, it is simply a fact of life that some DVD players do not play DVD-R discs. This does not mean that the disc is faulty, or that most other players won't play it.

We also do not issue refunds or redos for incompatibilities with all the DVD players that might ever play your disc after we convert video to digital. If you have a family member who borrowed your DVD but whose DVD player won't play the DVD, a solution would be to order another copy. Then you would provide us with the make and model of the person's DVD player so we could create a compatible disc for that player.

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