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Will the DVD play on my DVD player?
See our Video Services page for extensive information about compatibility issues.

Do you offer a guarantee or refunds?
We guarantee our work. We are committed to any errors we make or fixing any problem that is not inherent to the original video. For example, if your disc has an authoring error, we will replace the disc, free of charge. If we have misspelled a name on the title of your DVD case, we will fix it, free of charge. If the DVD transfer has a glitch that isn't on the video tape, we will transfer VCR tapes again, free of charge.

Please note, however, that we cannot offer refunds, due to the time and labor involved in a tape DVD conversion. Remember that not every quality issue on a video tape can be fixed in a DVD transfer. Also, if you require changes to be made to your DVD that were not part of the original order, we charge a $20 reauthoring fee, plus the cost of the additional work.

Refunds are never issued for incompatibility reasons due to the work involved when we transfer to DVD. DVD players cost less than $50 these days, so we advise that you simply purchase a new player.

What is the cancellation policy?
You may cancel your order at any point in the process. However, we will charge for any work we have done up to the time of cancellation. If we need to mail your materials back to you, you will need to pay for the return shipping as well. All costs must be paid before we can return your project.

Video cassette to DVD - confidentiality

Do you provide references?
Our privacy policy does not permit us to disclose our customers' personal information, so we cannot provide references. However, we provide a Testimonials page, where we're proud to post comments from our customers and photos of their real DVDs. We also show samples of our work on our Transfer Video page and on our Sample Disc, which enables you to see the high quality of our video transfers before you place your order.

Will my DVD be kept confidential?
We respect your right to privacy. Your personal information and the contents of your DVD are never shown or disclosed without your permission. We ask customers for written consent if we would like to use photos of their DVDs on our Testimonials page or clips of their projects on our Sample Disc. We do not show your DVD to any prospective customers unless you have specifically granted permission for your video to be used on our Sample Disc.

Does Timeless DVD keep a copy of my DVD?
Yes. We keep a master copy for two reasons. One is so we can produce additionalDVD copies for you at any time in the future. A second reason is security:no matter what happens to your DVD disc, a copy is always backed up in our archives.If you do not want us to keep a copy of your DVD in our archives, please letus know before we work on converting home movies for you.

Tape DVD conversion - samples

Can I see a sample of your work?
Absolutely! We believe that the best way to show you ourabilities is through work we've done for previous customers. Visit our Transfer Video page to see samples of our tape to DVD work, or order a copy of our Sample Disc. Photos of DVDs we have produced are available throughout this website as well.

I e-mailed to request a Sample Disc. Why didn't I get one in the mail?
We request that you mail $3 to us first in order to receive a Sample Disc. This$3 "borrowing fee" is fully refunded to you if you return the discor place an order with us.

Why does the Sample Disc cost $3?
We ask for $3 as a "borrowing fee" to cover costs associated with producingthe disc and mailing it. We instituted this policy after we were swamped withrequests for the Sample Disc and could not continue to cover the costs for free.But if you're seriously consideringa DVD project, you owe it to your wallet to see what a videoto DVD service can do before placing an order. Plus, your $3is fully refunded if you place an order or return the Sample Disc. Sothere's no risk whatsoever!

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