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Convert 8mm tape to DVD
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8mm video to DVD transfer includes the first generation version of Video 8 tape. The format is nicknamed "8mm" after the width of the plastic tape, but it has nothing to do with older 8mm film. The proper name for the format is "Video 8," and sometimes we refer to Video 8 transfer to DVD as well.

Now is an excellent time to transfer 8mm tapes to DVD. Sony introduced the 8mm/Video8 Handycam in 1985 to counter the growing popularity of VHS-C. Because these tapes can now be 20+ years old, they can be running into playback problems.

An 8mm cassette is 3 3/4" wide, 2 7/16" deep, and 5/8" thick, making it significantly thinner than VHS-C. It contains a a length of 8mm-wide magnetic tape, wound between two spools within the plastic cassette. A latch controls opening and closing the top casing. Before we convert 8mm to DVD, we always flip this cover open to check that the tape is intact before playing it.

Because of its compact size, Video 8 became very popular with consumers, especially for vacation video (which we see often!). The format could record up to 2 hours of one tape at SP resolution, while VHS-C could only handle a comparable 40 minutes. 8mm camcorders, even the earliest models, also had extensive features, including image stabilization, strong optical zooms, and innovative special effects.

But 8mm's main drawback was that it could not be played back in a regular VHS VCR, unlike VHS-C. Because of these tradeoffs, neither format completely dominated the market.

We can do Video 8 to DVD transfer as well as the format's descendents, Hi8 and Digital8.

Convert 8mm Tape to DVD

8mm video to DVD transfers are usually excellent, due to the fact that most tapes use the SP mode. Some Video 8 camcorders did have a longer, decreased quality mode, but we have rarely seen tapes recorded with this setting. An 8mm tape usually holds up to 2 hours of video, which makes 8mm video transfer to DVD very simple.

The one downside to the 8mm format is the issue of head alignment. As a Video 8 camcorder was used over time, the recording and playback heads slipped slowly out of alignment. Tapes that were recorded during misalignment were not recorded correctly. If the camcorder was then realigned, or if the tapes were played back in a perfect 8mm deck, they frequently showed jitter and audio errors. This problem was made worse by the fact that unlike VHS and Betamax, 8mm camcorders did not have tracking controls.

If we receive a tape that was recorded during misalignment, the process to transfer 8mm video can be very difficult. If you have tapes like this, you should provide your original camcorder to any video transfer service that does the conversion for you. Using the original camcorder is frequently the only solution to convert to DVD in these situations, but as camcorders get older, this can be impossible.

Video 8 to DVD Transfer

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8mm Video to DVD
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