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Digital 8 to DVD Convert Digital 8 Tape


Digital8 Transfer
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Digital 8 to DVD transfer covers the third and final generation of Sony's 8mm tape format. Unlike Video 8 and Hi8, however, Digital 8 bears little resemblance to its predecessors other than its size. Digital 8 contains video in a digital format, and thus is technically very different from analog video tapes. Nevertheless, we can transfer Digital8 to DVD just like any other type of video tape.

Like 8mm and Hi8, a Digital 8 cassette is 3 3/4" wide, 2 7/16" deep, and 5/8" thick. It holds a length of 8mm-wide magnetic tape, wound between two spools within the plastic cassette, as well as the same release latch. Before we transfer video, we flip this cover open to verify the tape's condition.

Sony introduced Digital 8 in 1999 largely as a way to continue its popular 8mm format. Digital 8 is essentially digital video recorded onto Hi8 tape using the DV codec. To do this, the tape is run at twice the Hi8 speed. Thus, a 120-minute Hi8 tape yields 60 minutes of Digital 8 video. Because it uses the DV codec, Digital 8 tapes are far more similar to Mini DV and DV tapes than 8mm, and Digital 8 conversion from VCR to DVD is very similar to how DV works.

After you convert Digital 8 tape, viewing becomes much easier, since the format was never as prevalent in the consumer market and players are becoming scarce. In the late 1990s, Sony began developing the Digital 8 camcorder to replace Hi8, but both formats were largely overtaken by Mini DV.

We can transfer Digital8 to DVD as well as 8mm and Hi8 to DVD.

Digital 8's main competitor was Mini DV. The two formats are indistinguishable in terms of video quality and both hold the same amount of video in SP mode. However, the larger physical size of Digital8 soon relegated it to the entry-level camcorder market while MiniDV has become the accepted standard for high-quality raw video. Nevertheless, Digital8 is still a great technology for recording events from holiday to reunion video.

Digital8 transfer

Digital 8 to DVD video transfer is closest in comparison to Mini DV, which is the highest-quality consumer video format available. Many Digital 8 tapes are recorded in the SP mode and hold up to 1 hour of video, and so we can often combine tapes when we transfer Digital 8 tapes to DVD.

There is also a lower-quality LP/90-minute mode on Digital 8 camcorders, and we frequently receive Digital 8 tapes that are at this quality level as well. Digital 8 transfer quality is excellent at the SP mode, and comparable to 8mm in the lower-quality LP mode.

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