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Mini DV to DVD Mini DV transfer


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Mini DV to DVD transfer handles the small digital tapes that remain the dominant format for home and semi-professional video production. First introduced in 1994, the format uses the DV codec to provide excellent video quality. This "tape" actually consists of digital information rather than the analog signal present on virtually every other video tape format.

Our MiniDV transfer service includes the MiniDV cassette only – no other DV formats. Called "S size," this tape is 2 5/8" wide, 1 7/8" deep, and 1/2" thick, making it the smallest consumer tape to date. The tape is an extremely slender quarter-inch wide, wound between two spools. As with other video formats, we always flip the protective cover open before we transfer Mini DV to DVD.

The Mini DV format was introduced in the mid-1990s. Its cassette and tape transports were even smaller than the then-dominant Hi8 and VHS-C formats, meaning the camcorders were smaller as well. The digital quality of DV also improved video quality over its analog sisters. However, even some users today prefer analog camcorders, since they lack the mosquito noise that digital formats often show.

Mini DV transfer at Timeless DVD also includes video from full-size DV and DVCAM tapes. Mini DV is actually a sub-format of the larger DV family, which includes full-size DV, DVCAM, and DVCPro. The DV format as a whole features intraframe compression for simple editing, a standard interface for transfer to non-linear editing systems, and excellent video quality that is unmatched by any other standard-definition format.

Convert MiniDV to DVD

Mini DV to DVD video conversion quality is based on 2 general running times, 60 minutes (SP) and 90 minutes (LP). Lengthier, poorer-quality settings as well as other lengths of tapes may also be available. The widest-used setting is the 60-minute time.

The Mini DV format displays 520 lines of resolution on the television screen, and loses virtually no quality in the MiniDV to DVD transfer operation. While MiniDV is perfect for editing because it suffers little dubbing loss, it can show less detail due to to the nature of digital compression.

During the tape to DVD transfer process, we are able to keep much of the detail intact. For this reason, and because the fragile gears in a Mini DV camcorder are very prone to breakage, it is absolutely advisable to convert Mini DV to DVD for easier and safer viewing.

Mini DV has recently jumped into the high-definition game with the HDV format. While HDV offers higher bitrates, it uses the MPEG-2 compression algorithm, which can cause more motion artifacts and complications.

Mini DV Transfer

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