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What are the benefits when you transfer movies to DVD? Here's why DVD is the most practical medium to use for analog video transfer.

First, durability is the primary benefit when you transfer videos to DVDs. They can be played repeatedly without any loss of quality.

VCR DVD Transfer: durability

VCR DVD transfer

The construction of a DVD is tough. The data on a DVD disc consists of an optical layer protected by a polycarbonate surface – the same material used in bulletproof glass! A DVD can experience light scratches on this surface and survive intact.

A laser reads the DVD as it spins, and no part of the DVD player ever touches the disc, so there is never wear and tear. By contrast, a video tape wears down whenever it is played.

Similarly, a DVD can survive static shock or magnetism. Again, this is because the data surface of a DVD is optical, not magnetic. A tape, on the other hand, can be wiped out in the blink of an eye by a magnetic field produced by any entertainment component.

Top-grade DVD discs (such as those used by Timeless DVD) are estimated to last a minimum of 100 years with proper care. Even lower-quality consumer-grade discs are expected to last 20–30 years. For do's and don'ts on DVD use, see our Convert Tape to DVD page.

Convert tapes to DVD - wide acceptance

Durability aside, there are additional practical benefits to DVDs.

First, since DVDs can be copied with no quality loss, it's easy to make backups if you only have one disc and want additional copies. This is not possible with videotapes, which suffer "dubbing loss" whenever they are copied to a second tape. DVDs store video in a digital format, like files on a computer, which is why they can be copied perfectly.

Another related benefit is that you can make exact copies of your DVDs for family and friends. You can copy DVD discs quickly and easily, making them an ideal format for sharing and archiving video. Plus, they are small and inexpensive to mail or store.

DVDs have permeated our culture deeply, which means that you are virtually guaranteed that whenever you give someone a DVD, they will be able to watch it. Most folks have either a DVD player or a computer with a DVD drive. So you never have to worry about giving someone a video they can't watch.

By the same token, this marketplace acceptance of DVD means that you'll be able to watch your discs for many years. While new technologies are always on the horizon, consumers have adopted DVDs in such a way that compatible machines will be available for many years to come.

Transfer movies to DVD - benefits

When you convert tapes to DVD, there are even more DVD benefits! Most obviously, we haven't yet mentioned the killer video quality, a big reason the format took off in the first place. The excellent encoding capability of MPEG-2 video means that we can archive up to 2 hours of your analog video on a DVD and it will still look exactly like the original – even with a VCR to DVD transfer!

Finally, DVDs are just plain easy to use. Chapter stops allow you to skip around the video at a moment's notice, accessing video that would take time to rewind or fast-forward on a tape. Plus, menus provide us with written information and access to special features and alternate audio tracks. This versatility is unmatched by any other standard-definition video format.

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