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Video transferring is essential if we want to safely preserve our precious family movies for future generations. Thanks to our camcorders, we have become the most recorded human beings ever. Future generations will inherit amazing records of their ancestors, and will be able to see and hear their great-great grandparents in vivid clarity.

Or will they? The majority of family videos are currently stored on video tapes. Transferring tapes to DVD – either by using a DVD service or on your own – is becoming increasingly important as tapes begin to vanish in favor of formats like Flash and hard drive camcorders.

Convert VCR to DVD before deterioration starts!

Convert VCR to DVD

Video tapes really degrade faster than most people realize. A cassette tape frequently shows a lower quality of picture after 5 years, with total life expectancy less than 20 years. This is why digital tape transfer has become so important.

The tape in a cassette is comprised of three main parts: plastic tape (base and back coating); magnetic particles, which contain the video and audio; and the "binder," which is glue that holds the particles to the plastic tape.

The particles act like tiny bar magnets. They are changed into patterns when the tape passes over an electromagnet during the recording process. When the tape is played, the patterns are picked up by a playback head and become the video image.

Over time, the binder glue weakens. When this happens, the magnetic particles lose their adhesion to the tape. Transfer to DVD is the only remedy to preserving the audio and video particles that sit on your video tapes.

Video tape to DVD - how does it happen?

Why does the binder weaken? First, some of the tape is rubbed off every time it is played. This occurs because VCRs and camcorders have moving parts that thread the tape over playback heads.

The environment also plays an role. If you store your tapes in humidity, or in a room where the temperature changes substantially (like a spare room that is warm in summer and cold in winter), that dramatically affects tapes. We frequently cannot transfer video from tapes that have experienced these conditions.

Magnetic fields can also cause signal loss, even when the cassette tape is being stored. And tapes are vulnerable to sudden data loss resulting from static shock or strong electric fields, such as those generated by TVs and electronics.

Even worse, magnetic particles can become separated from the binder just over time, a process that accelerates as the tape ages. As the binder absorbs water from normal humidity, it swells and exposes more surface area – absorbing even more moisture.

The video tape to DVD process is essential for anyone who owns family movies!

Video transferring is essential before symptoms arrive

Signs of a weakening video tape binder can include faded color and audio changes. Later, the timing can become corrupted. Straight lines begin to look a little wavy, rolling lines can appear, and the picture can jitter. (We use a time-base corrector for video DVD transfer, which is a professional device that can repair timing and signal issues.)

A tape is in advanced degradation when it clogs the playback heads of a deck. Eventually, the tape becomes unwatchable and the video will be completely gone. When this happens, the magnetic particles have broken free and ended up on the bottom of the tape case.

The vulnerability of videotapes make them unsuitable media for long-term storage. Conversion of your tape to DVD is the best solution to preserving your tapes.

Convert VCR to DVD and save your tapes!


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