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One of our favorite jobs at Timeless DVD is to convert Video 8 tapes to DVD. Video 8, also known as 8mm, is a small camcorder format that produced excellent picture quality and was popular back in the late 1980s and 1990s.

On this page is an example of a Video 8 tape that was transferred to DVD by Timeless DVD. The footage was shot at Disney World just before Christmas in 1988. We were able to preserve much of the color and sharpness that was present on the original 8mm tape. An extended version of this video – including a parade! – appears on the Timeless DVD Sample Disc.

Our Sample Disc also features two more 8mm/Video 8 samples, including a junior high football game from 1992 and 1996 rehearsal footage of the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders at Veterans Stadium (our customer was a former cheerleader!) Timeless DVD was fortunate to be asked to do the job of converting video for these customers.

8mm tape to DVD conversion

The Video 8 format was released by Sony in 1984. It was also nicknamed "8mm" due to the width of the videotape inside the cassette shell, but the format bears no relation to the older 8mm movie film. We can transfer 8mm video.

Although Video 8 features the same 240 lines of resolution as VHS (and VHS-C), it had two main advantages. First, the tape cassette was less than half the size of a VHS tape, and thinner than a VHS-C cassette. As a result, Sony was able to develop smaller and smaller camcorders. And secondly, unlike VHS-C, 8mm tapes could hold 2 hours of SP-quality video– the exact same as a conventional VHS tape.

Video 8's main drawback was that the cassettes had to be played in an 8mm video camera; VHS adapters did not exist for the format. So for consumers whose main goal was easy TV playback (and not video quality), 8mm was not the best choice. Some 8mm VCRs were released, but the expensive price tag likely kept most potential customers away.

But for customers who wanted a more "prosumer" format, 8mm was ideal. Video 8 also featured the capacity for PCM digital sound, a higher-quality audio track that is written at the end of a video track (as opposed to VHS's Hi-Fi, which is mixed with the picture). We can also transfer Video 8 to DVD with the PCM audio intact.

Video 8 also offered time-coding that could be written onto tapes after they had been recorded. Time-coding was very useful for editing, since it allows edits to be accurate to a single frame. This was a feature that had previously only been available in top-of-the-line video cameras.

Convert Video 8

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8mm tape to DVD conversion is a wonderful gift for a special person!


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