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We convert Hi 8 to DVD frequently at Timeless DVD. The format is a newer variant of the popular Video 8 (a.k.a. 8mm) camcorder format. Hi8 tapes offer a high-quality picture and in general, less picture noise during a Hi8 video transfer.

At right is a sample of a Hi8 tape that Timeless DVD converted as part of our DVD conversion service. The video shows a hot air balloon ride over the beautiful Pennsylvania farmland in 1999. Pay close attention to the sharpness and saturated color that we were able to preseve as part of the digitization process. An longer version of this video can be viewed on the Timeless DVD Sample Disc.

Our Sample Disc also features one additional Hi8 sample, which was shot in 2002. This clip shows a honeymoon vacation in Aruba, with lovely shots of the ocean and cliffs. Timeless DVD can convert Hi8 tapes to DVD in beautiful clarity and color.

Hi8 to DVD transfer

Sony released its 8mm (a.k.a. Video 8) format in 1984 to compete directlly with JVC's growing VHS-C camcorder format. However, this simple battle didn't last long: JVC introduced its higher-quality S-VHS and S-VHS-C in 1987. Undeterred, Sony developed its own higher-quality variant on its 8mm technology, calling it "Hi8," which was short for high-band Video-8. Hi8 was released to the public in 1989.

Hi8 improved the 8mm format's resolution line count to 400 lines of resolution. It also increased the FM deviation in or to achieve the higher resolution in the luminance channel. Hi8 models were backwards-compatible with earlier 8mm tapes, so the video cameras were very consumer-friendly. The format also featured slightly better image quality than its competitor, S-VHS.

Just like Video 8 tapes, Hi8 video tapes were half the size of a VHS cassette shell, only measuring approximately 2 1/2" by 3 1/4". They were significantly thinner than VHS-C cassettes as well. By keeping the same size 8mm cassette shell, Sony was able to develop even smaller, more compact, and more lightweight camcorders throughout the 1990s – and still keep the high-quality video. By the end of the 1990s, Sony had released some very impressive video cameras, featuring a wealth of recording features, including benefits such as an S-video out connector. These camcorders are still useful if they are working today.

While the video quality of Hi8 does not match that offered by its successor, Digital 8, or DV technology, but in its time, it was arguably the best video format that an average consumer could buy. We can transfer Hi8 extremely well in the Timeless DVD studio when we convert videotapes to DVD. Converting Hi8 is one of our favorite jobs!

Hi 8 to DVD

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Hi8 to DVD transfer is the best method to preserve your tapes!


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