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Mini DV samples, please order our Sample Disc.

The MiniDV to DVD process can preserve all of your tiny, recent camcorder tapes for the future. And what's more, we can usually combine at least 2 tapes to a single DVD, which saves significantly on the cost and storage space.

At right is an excerpt from a Mini DV tape that was transferred by Timeless DVD. The video was shot in 2005 and shows a college choir's Homecoming reunion. An extended version of this sample can be viewed on our Sample DVD. Since we transfer Mini DV via an entirely digital process, using Firewire, we are able to preserve all of the quality present in the digital tape.

We also offer two additional Mini DV samples on our Sample Disc. The first was shot in 2003 and offers a family's summer vacation at a Florida beach. The last, more recent, was filmed in the Netherlands in 2010 and is a great example of converting camcorder video to DVD. All of our samples show the clarity we produce when we convert Mini DV to DVD.

Convert Mini DV tape to DVD

Mini DV begins with the DV recording format – also known as DVC – which was released in 1995. It was the first digital video format to be widely accepted by the consumer and home video market. The title "DV" simply refers to "digital video," and identifies the formulation of the data stream present on the tape. DV, which uses 1/4" tape and boasts 500 lines of resolution, established the basis for MiniDV as well as the professional variants DVCAM and DVCPRO.

MiniDV's only differences from full-size DV is the size of the cassette shell and the fact that it records via a smaller 10-micron track pitch. But otherwise, there is little that differentiates Mini DV from the professional DVCAM format. The video data streams are actually completely identical – meaning that Mini DV is as professional a consumer format as you can get. DVCAM's only advantage is that it records to a 15-micron track, largely to enable more precise editing.

Mini DV holds raw DV video – exactly the same digital information and quality that we produce in our Convert to Video Files service. They hold approximately 2.5 times more information than DVDs, and thus are a great master format for video (although as an organic tape format, they do suffer from the same wear and deterioration issues as regular analog video tapes). When you record the information on a Mini DV tape through a video camera via Firewire into your computer, there is zero loss in video quality. Therefore, Mini DV tapes allow for perfect frame-by-frame editing on a computer, whether Mac or PC.

When we transfer Mini DV to DVD, we can preserve much of the sharp quality on the original digital tapes. Converting to DVD doesn't mean losing quality as with a dubbed analog tape. When you transfer a digital tape to DVD, the quality stays the same.

MiniDV to DVD

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Convert Mini DV tape to DVD and save your videos!


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