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Shouldn't you see what a video transfer company's work looks like BEFORE you send your tapes to them? Of course!

Just look below for sample clips of our transfer work, organized by tape format type. The linked video excerpts display the clarity and color that we achieve when we transfer videos to DVD.

Since these examples are compressed for the Internet, we strongly recommend ordering our Sample Disc, which provides full-quality examples of our work. The Sample Disc features multiple examples of each tape format, all from different customers. Therefore, it is a great way to see the work we do with tapes from a variety of backgrounds. See sidebar at right for more information.

VHS Tape

VHS sample

Transfer VHS: The VHS format was the most popular consumer tape format for 20 years, and we work with VHS tapes every day. Our sample clip is taken from a Hawaii vacation in 1984.

VHS-C Tape

VHS-C sample

Transfer VHS-C: VHS-C is the compact format of VHS, and was a camcorder tape that could fit into a VCR with an adapter. Our sample was shot at Cypress Gardens in 1995.

8mm Video Tape

8mm video sample

Transfer 8mm Video: Video 8 or 8mm video tapes are the small, thin camcorder tapes that were popular in the 1980s and 1990s. The linked clip was filmed at Disney World in 1988.

Hi8 Video Tape

Hi8 sample

Transfer Hi8: The successor to Video8, Hi8 tapes provided better video quality in the same small 8mm shell. Our sample is from a hot air balloon ride across Pennsylvania in 1999.

Digital 8 Video Tape

Digital 8 sample

Transfer Digital 8: The final 8mm format, Digital 8 is technically a digital tape format that is closer to Mini DV than its 8mm predecessors. This clip was shot at a 2007 soccer game.

Mini DV Video Tape

Mini DV sample

Transfer Mini DV: A format that is still popular today, Mini DV is a very small tape that provides excellent digital video. Our excerpt was filmed at a college alumni event in 2005.

Betamax Video Tape

Betamax sample

Transfer Betamax: Beta tapes competed with VHS in the 1980s and lost, despite better video quality and other benefits. Our sample clip shows Fourth of July twirlers in 1984.

Videos on DVD

Our excerpts, whether on this page or on our sample disc, show what a professional video service can do for you when they transfer video tapes to DVD. Don't settle for lower quality results!

See the difference a video transfer company makes when converting to DVD!

Sample Disc

The Timeless DVD Sample Disc is the best way to see our work. The Disc provides samples of our video transfer from many video tape sources, as well as and a special presentation of our DVD design and packaging.

The Sample Disc costs only $5, which is reimbursed to you if you return the DVD or credited if you place an order. This fee covers our postage costs.

If you are serious about having your video transferred, then viewing samples of videos on DVD of BEFORE YOU ORDER is money well-spent! Few DVD companies offer a sample DVD packed with examples of real tapes they have converted. But our clients tell us over and over that our Sample Disc is invaluable for assuring the quality of their own tape transfers.

How to order:
Mail your name, mailing address,
e-mail address, and $5 to:
Timeless DVD
642 Cowpath Rd. #281
Lansdale, PA 19446

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.
US addresses only.

Sample Disc

For interactive menu samples, visit: DVD Sample Menus

For covers and disc designs, visit:
DVD Design
DVD Transfer

– The video and audio of these excerpts are compressed for the Internet. As a result, these samples will not be as clear as on a DVD.


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