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Prices for transferring video tapes vary widely, ranging from bare-bones conversion to expensive video restoration. We often hear about services that charge rock-bottom prices, and are asked "why are you better?" For at least 12 reasons!

Here are the benefits we offer that a local, big-box store, or drugstore transfer service does not.

Benefits of our video transfer

1. We monitor every transfer to ensure quality control – no automation!
A Timeless DVD video pro keeps an eye on your job to ensure that your tape is transferring smoothly. By contrast, most DVD companies use minimum-wage clerks to run their equipment on autopilot, processing hundreds of transfers each day. This is how they keep their prices low! But since no video pro monitors these transfers, problems that can be fixed aren't even noticed. If you value a high-quality transfer for your tapes, don't choose a discount service – it's that simple!

No automation

2. Our transfers are done on professional VCRs & processing hardware
We use professional video equipment to convert your tape accurately. Be aware that most DVD companies really do use consumer-grade VCRs – that's the only way they can regularly transfer hundreds of tapes a day and quickly replace decks that break. Plus, they don't use TBCs or color correctors because of the added expense. But shouldn't your transfer be done on the best hardware available? Visit Tapes to DVD for details about our equipment – we're proud of our gear!

Professional video hardware

3. We edit out the "dead" space on the video
Blue screen or static occurs between segments of recording when the tape has mechanically advanced a few seconds. Timeless DVD removes static and blue screen from your video, which creates a smoother viewing experience when we convert camcorder tape to DVD. Many services do not take the time to do this, and will just run your tape straight to digital, gunk and all.

Blue screen

4. We can combine multiple tapes to one DVD
Timeless DVD will combine as many tapes as you like to a single DVD, as long as the running time per disc does not exceed 2 hours. By offering this, we can provide the best price for you and the most condensed collection of DVDs. Most of the drugstore-style video services will only transfer "1 tape to 1 DVD" – even for VHS-C cassette to DVD transfer!

Combine short tapes

5. Want to edit your video? We can transfer it to computer video files!
Don't want a DVD of your shaky camcorder footage? No problem! If you're a video editing hobbyist, ask us to transfer your tapes to digital video AVI or MOV/Quicktime files, which are compatible with virtually every mainstream video editing program. Or have your video transferred to MP4 files for easy uploading to YouTube, iPhone, or iPad!

Order video files

Packaging for VCR to DVD

6. Full-color packaging with a real DVD case
Timeless DVD includes a beautiful cover and professional Amaray DVD case with every DVD order. We can even print your photo on the cover! We also offer DVD cases in a variety of colors. Most other companies often only provide a paper sleeve or CD case for the disc, and do not customize the design in any personalized way. But what would you rather look at for the next 30 years?

Professional DVD design

7. Scene Selections menu and printed chapter index
Each of our DVD design templates includes a Scene Selections menu, which displays video buttons of the chapter stops that we place throughout your video. This menu enables you to jump quickly from one scene to another. The DVD case also features thumbnail images taken from the start of each of your video chapters. You'll always know exactly what video is on your DVD!

Scene selections menu

8. Taiyo Yuden discs – the highest-rated media available!
Not all blank DVDs are created equal. Timeless DVD only uses Taiyo Yuden discs, which are rated as one of the most compatible, reliable, and long-lasting. Plus, we offer both glossy and matte finish discs – your choice! Very transfer services use a Taiyo Yuden-level disc because of the cost, but cheaper discs have lower compatibility with DVD players and can break down more quickly.

Taiyo Yuden discs

9. Customization always available
Most of the larger video transfer companies do not allow special requests from customers. But Timeless DVD offers many customization options – as a small studio, we can be flexible! Choose your own custom chapter stops. Write title screens and insert them in your footage. We can even edit out sections of your video for no extra charge!

Why us for music

Additional benefits for conversion to DVD or files

10. Free estimates via our Send a Box service
Let's say you have a box of tapes that you want to transfer from VCR to DVD. But you don't know what's on the tapes, or how long they are. We can help! Simply give us your box. We will assess each tape's length, and then provide an estimate and customized project plan. Larger transfer services simply cannot offer this level of service! See our Videos to DVD page for more info.

Send a box

11. FREE archiving and backups of every DVD – forever!
Timeless DVD archives every DVD. You are assured that a backup copy of your DVD always exists, and you can easily order DVD copies at any time in the future. There's no better way to disaster-proof your home videos. Most cheaper services only keep your DVD on hand for about 30 days, and some even charge annually for their archiving services!

Free archiving

12. All work done in our studio – NO outsourcing!
Timeless DVD only works on premises. Many of your so-called "local" services, such as those offered by drugstores or big box discount stores, ship tapes far away to be transferred – often to other states or even to India! This is a dirty little secret that they rarely mention, but again, it's how they keep prices low. Choose Timeless DVD, and you'll always know where your tapes are.

All transfers done on premises

Bottom line: with conversion to DVD, you often "get what you pay for." Don't be fooled by a bargain-basement price for a transfer – there's a reason some companies advertise these prices. Be cautious if it seems too good to be true.

Timeless DVD offers significant benefits compared what chain-store or discount stores provide in their transfer to DVD service offerings. Higher-end services like us are mostly found online, don't waste money on storefronts, and work in closed, private studios. Don't your family videotapes deserve this level of quality work and personal care?

Why choose us? Because we offer the best video transfer!


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