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VHS-C to DVD transfer is based around the VHS-C tape, or "Video Home System-Compact." It was introduced by JVC in 1983 to take advantage of VHS's popularity, but provide a smaller alternative for the burgeoning consumer camcorder market. Fun fact: the first VHS-C camcorder model was used by Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future! (He used it to tape the event video of the DeLorean's first time-travel departure.)

JVC introduced its small VHS-C camcorder to compete with Sony's Betamovie, the first consumer camcorder. Some companies also released video cameras that used full-size VHS tapes, to compete with the longer running time of the Video8 tape.

The VHS-C cassette is 3 5/8" long, 2 1/4" wide, and 7/8" thick. The half-inch tape inside is the same width as a VHS tape. Inside, the magnetic tape is wound between a main spool and a take-up spool, with a geared wheel moving the tape forward. These wheels can also be moved by hand.

We convert VHS-C tapes using the famous VHS adapter shell, but we always flip each tape's protective cover open to check that it is intact first. The easy-to-use adapter shell is one big reason that VHS-C continued to be a popular video format as long as the VHS VCR was a main piece of electronics in most homes. As DVD players and digital video cameras arrived, VHS-C became an obsolete format.

The VHS-C format displays 250 lines of resolution on the television screen, and is thus the same quality level as VHS. This resolution stays intact when we transfer VHS-C.

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VHS-C to DVD transfer quality, as with VHS tapes, depends upon the mode setting that was used for the tape. Most VHS-C tapes will hold approximately 30 minutes of video at SP-level quality. Therefore, we can often combine multiple VHS-C tapes onto one DVD.

Other speeds include LP and EP/SLP, which offer lower quality at longer playing times. These lower-quality tapes are more unstable and make it increasingly difficult to transfer VHSC to DVD over time. This makes the VHS-C conversion process much trickier! This is why you should transfer tapes to DVD as soon as possible if you have LP and EP or SLP tapes in your collection.

S-VHS-C to DVD: Just like S-VHS, S-VHS-C offers higher quality in the same small VHS-C cassette, and is the same 420 lines, offering a better picture. It was introduced in 1987 to compete with Sony's 8mm video tapes, but nevertheless offered a slightly lower resolution. Timeless DVD can copy VHS-C to DVD as well as S-VHS-C tape to DVD.

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