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A DVD conversion order for a digital camcorder is handled depending on the type of format you have.


OPTION A: 1 Mini DVD to 1 DVD

$15 per single-sided Mini DVD

Video Transfers

Each Mini DVD disc is copied to a full-size DVD. Original menus from your Mini DVD are kept intact on the full-size DVD. Note: Double-sided DVDs count as two DVDs ($30).

OPTION B: Multiple Mini DVDs to 1 DVD

$30 per finished DVD; estimate required

Camcorder transfer to DVD

Multiple Mini DVDs are combined onto one full-size DVD. This creates the fewest full-size DVDs possible from the video content. A new main menu is created with a title of your choice.

Included features:

Full-color DVD cover and Amaray DVD case

FREE archiving; DVD copies available forever

Professional-grade Taiyo Yuden WaterShield disc

Chapter stops every 5 minutes (Option B only)


$5 per single-sided disc

Mini DVD discs must be finalized in the camera that created them before they can be read by another drive. If you do not do this before submitting your order, you must supply your original video camera and we will finalize your discs for a $5 per Mini DVD disc fee ($10 per double-sided disc).


$20 per single-sided disc

Mini DVD discs are notorious for becoming unplayable even when they're finalized – and sometimes the original camcorder can't finalize them at all. But don't panic: the video is almost always recoverable. We can perform data recovery on any Mini DVD disc for a $20 per disc fee ($40 for double-sided discs).


A $50 setup fee is required upon order submission. This fee enables us to examine your
camcorder's format, size of your video files, and other parameters. We will then generate an
invoice based on how many DVDs your project requires per the total size of the video files.

  $30 for each finished DVD (per size of video files)

Included features:

Up to 4.3 GB of MPEG-2 video files compiled per disc

Free to compile multiple small files to same disc

Main Menu with title of your choice

Scenes menu with access to files by date

Chapter stops every 5 minutes

Full-color DVD cover and Amaray DVD case

Professional-grade Taiyo Yuden WaterShield disc

FREE archiving; DVD copies available forever

Optional: Non-MPEG-2 Fee

$30 per finished DVD

A minority of Flash memory cameras write to MP4 or H.264 video rather than the more common MPEG-2. Non-MPEG-2 video must be encoded before it can be compiled to DVD. For these files, a $30 per finished DVD surcharge is applied to cover the extra time involved.

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS for Video Transfers

Our DVD conversion order form focuses on providing an estimate for your camcorder. Other regular DVD options of titles and main menu song are not listed on the order form. However, you may order them! Just indicate what you need on your form, and we will include them in the estimate. (Titles and music cannot be added to Mini DVD Option A.)


$5 each

title screen

A title screen can be added at any point in your video transfers. Titles are used to indicate new sections of content, and are white text on a black background. Click screen to see a larger example.



  main menu

You may add a song to the Main Menu, and it will play until a button is pressed. (If your song is already being used as replacement music, there is no charge.)


DVD copies are duplicates of your original. We are available to copy DVD when you place your order or in the future.

1–9 copies $12.00
10–24 copies $8.50
25–49 copies $7.00
50-99 copies $6.00
100+ copies $5.50


Turnaround time for a DVD video conversion depends on the file format used by the digital camcorder and how many files and DVDs are involved. It is impossible to provide an estimate on transferring digital video to DVD without seeing the camcorder's files.

Once we have received your files, we may be able to assess the turnaround time to transfer home video to DVD for you. You may also contact us with your needs.

Timeless DVD is the solution for camcorder transfer to DVD!


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