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Having trouble finding a DVD service that can offers digital camcorder to DVD transfer to Flash, Mini DVD, and hard drive video cameras? The reason is simple: transferring these types of camcorders is not easy. Unlike tapes, which all function similarly during a video transfer to digital, it can be more difficult to transfer video from camcorder types containing digital memory. Many companies just don't think they're worth the trouble.

But congrats: you've found Timeless DVD! We have spent significant time working with many standard-definition digital camcorders, and we aren't afraid to figure out how new ones work. Unlike many video services, we're ready to progress with technology! On this page, we briefly describe considerations for digital camcorders.

Transfer Flash

Camcorder to DVD transfer

When planning a DVD video conversion, keep in mind that most standard-definition camcorders come in a few flavors: hard drive, Flash memory, Mini DVD, and Mini DV. (We handle Mini DV as part of our DVD transfer service.) The majority of these cameras, no matter what the storage type, write to a codec called MPEG-2, the same type used in DVDs.

The drawback to MPEG-2 video is that it is a compressed video file format. If you make an edit on a compressed file and then recompress it, quality can quickly be degraded. Therefore, any DVD service that works with MPEG-2 video from a digital camcorder needs to be conscious of this as part of their conversion process.

However, it's not always apparent whether MPEG-2 video is used. For example, Sony camcorders DO present their files with the ".mpg" extension. But on JVC, Panasonic, and Canon camcorders, videos may appear with a ".mod" extension. These files are also MPEG-2 files, but require a bit more conversion work and examination.

Timeless DVD is fully experienced with MPEG-2 files of all container formats. We can edit them and preserve their original quality by using a professional MPEG-2 editor such as Womble Video Wizard. We can keep your original aspect ratio, whether it's full or widescreen. Once we figure out your exact camcorder, we can easily convert Mini DVD discs, compile Flash files, or transfer a hard drive camcorder to DVD.

DVD Video Conversion

Notice that we said "most" camcorders write to MPEG-2 files. A few camcorders (primarily Samsung) create H.264 or MPEG-4 files instead. This is a completely different type of codec; a very good one, capable of twice the efficiency of MPEG-2 and geared to Internet video compatibility. However, it is supported by very few editing programs.

Unlike camcorders the write MPEG-2 files, in whatever proprietary container, H.264/MPEG-4 files must be fully encoded before they can be authored to DVD. This is why we charge an additional fee for these types of camcorder files.

If your camcorder uses H.264 or MPEG-4, we will first organize your files by content and chronology. If editing is needed, we will use MPEG Streamclip, which does not degrade the original MPEG-4 file. We will then use one of our professional-caliber software encoders, such as Cinema Craft encoder or MainConcept (the same encoders used by Hollywood).

Camcorder to DVD Transfer

DVD authoring is done with Adobe DVD Encore, and the files are burned onto Taiyo Yuden discs. The discs are printed via the award-winning Primera Bravo disc printer. Our DVD covers are created on Epson printers, and combined with one of our sixteen available DVD cases.

Digital camcorder DVD conversion is not simple. Working with these files requires an ability to problem-solve on a regular basis. But rest assured: Timeless DVD, and our video to DVD services, is up to the task!

Transfer Flash to DVD using our tested method!


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