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Convert Mini DVD
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Mini DVD to DVD transfer includes the small discs that are about 8 cm in size (about half the size of a regular DVD). Mini DVD was introduced to take advantage of the popular DVD format. They can be referred to as 3-inch DVD or camcorder Mini DVD as well.

Mini DVD-RWs can be used repeatedly, but other types of mini DVDs can only be used once. Different cameras accept different types of discs. We can convert to DVD any type of mini disc.

While MiniDVD is convenient for camcorder use, some DVD players cannot accept or interpret a MiniDVD disc. DVD players that are "tray loading" may have an inner ring that accepts a Mini DVD disc. However, slot-loading DVD players, such as those found on some laptop computers, TV/DVD combo sets, or in cars cannot accept a Mini DVD (without extreme damage to the player!) This is why we offer our DVD conversion service for MiniDVD to DVD.

We can convert Mini DVD from 3 or 4 discs onto a single DVD, depending on how much content is recorded on a given disc. We are now transferring Mini DVD discs to full-size DVD on a regular basis because of the incompatibilities listed above.

Mini DVD transfer provides significant benefits, from simpler playback, to a condensed video collection, to DVDs that can be easily shared with family and friends.

Mini DVD Transfer to DVD

Mini DVD to DVD video conversion preserves 100% of the quality on the original mini disc. Like full-size DVDs, Mini DVDs use the MPEG-2 encoding format. This means that the video is heavily compressed, and is therefore an "end-format" type of video (as compared to raw DV video, which can be edited).

For this reason, if you copy Mini DVD video to your computer, it is not advisable to edit it without a software program that can natively edit MPEG-2 files without re-encoding. If you want to edit your video, DV is still the best choice.

A Mini DVD can hold 1.4 GB of data, which is approximately one-fourth the capacity of a regular DVD. Most Mini DVD camcorders offer quality settings of 20 minutes (XP), 30 minutes (SP), and 60 minutes (LP). Longer settings may also be available on some camcorders, but keep in mind, the video quality suffers as the recording goes longer. We advise that camcorder users select the XP or SP setting whenever possible, which helps greatly when we are converting Mini DVD.

Single-sided dual layer mini discs are now also available for some Mini DVD camcorders. These discs double the length of the recording time, but we can transfer Mini DVD video from them as well.

Convert Mini DVD

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