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Video Conversion Form

1Print Out the Order Form

Our order form enabling us to transfer camcorder to DVD is available on the right. Simply print out and fill in the form.

If you are confused by anything on the order form, just write out your instructions in a way that makes sense to you. If we have questions, we'll ask. You may also visit our Video to DVD Conversion FAQ page for answers to common questions.

The order form begins with an explanation of how Timeless DVD handles digital camcorder home movie transfer orders. Mini DVDs are handled as either straight duplications or with an estimate. Flash memory and hard drive camcorders require a a setup fee and estimate.

Service update February 2013:
Timeless DVD is currently not accepting new orders.
When this situation changes, this notice will be removed and the order form willbe made available.

Transfer camcorder to DVD

2Information - Transfer camcorder to DVD

This is the most important section on the form, and the more fully you can complete it, the more accurate our work will be.

Manufacturer and Model # of Camcorder: Since digital camcorders often have many variations in the way they write files and connect to computers, we often need to research a camcorder's specs or manual. But we need to know the make and model to do this – especially if all that is provided is a Flash memory card.

Recording Format: Indicate if your camcorder uses Mini DVD discs, Flash memory cards, an internal hard drive. Some camcorders are "combination" cams, so check all the media types you are submitting. For instance, a hard drive camcorder may also accept Flash cards, so if you want us to transfer Flash video to DVD, we will need the card as well.

Aspect Ratios: Most camcorders are set to shoot 16:9 (widescreen) video, such as in the photo above. But many also have an option for 4:3 (full screen, the classic television shape). When we convert your video to DVD, we need to set this parameter on the DVD. We can usually figure it out, but if you know you shot in one format or the other, it's useful to give us a heads-up.

Convert HDD

3DVD Design

We also need to know your preferences for how your DVD(s) will look. See the DVD Design page for instructions and templates.

The form also has one last question that is specific to a digital camcorder order:
Titles for Each DVD: We need a title for each of your finished DVDs, which will appear on the main menu, cover, and disc. Just check the option that you prefer:

1) We can use titles that you enclose with your order, such as written labels on Mini DVD discs or a list of titles.

2) We can use the date ranges that are present on the files on each DVD (e.g., "February 2009–April 2009.")

3) If you prefer to write new titles, we can submit a list of the date ranges on each DVD to you along with your invoice and you can send us a new list.

Mini DVD discs

4Mini DVD Order Page

Page 2 of the form only needs to be completed by customers who are submitting one or more Mini DVDs.

We can copy Mini DVDs to full-size DVDs in one of two ways: A) as exact duplicates, or B) by compiling multiple Mini DVDs onto a single DVD. Please select the option you prefer on the form.

Option A: In this option, we simply copy your small Mini DVD to a standard-size DVD disc. All menus and chapters are kept intact, and our regular cover, case, and disc options are included. The cost is $15 per Mini DVD. Please note that Mini DVDs with 2 sides (discs with Side A and Side B) are counted as TWO Mini DVDs, since each side has a separate menu/chapter system. Therefore, the cost for a 2-sided disc is $30.

Option B: In this option, we can combine more than one Mini DVD onto a full-size DVD. This creates the fewest number of finished DVDs. We can often fit at least 2 Mini DVDs on each standard-size DVD. Our ability to fit 3 or more discs depending upon the quality settings used on the camcorder and how much video was recorded on each disc. Because of this, we require an estimate for this option. The cost of each finished DVD is $30, regardless of how many Mini DVDs are combined on it. All of our regular features of a main menu, chapters, and packaging are included.

Important: Are your Mini DVDs finalized? Mini DVDs must be finalized (closed) by the original camcorder before they can be read by any other drive, including the ones in our studio. If you have not finalized your discs, you must provide the original camcorder with your order and we will finalize them. A $5 per disc fee will be assessed. If you do not finalize your discs and do not include the camcorder that recorded them with your order, we cannot work with your discs and they will be returned.

Data Recovery: It is common for Mini DVD discs to become unreadable, even by the camcorder that originally recorded them. If you are unable to finalize a Mini DVD disc, or if a disc IS finalized but won't play on your DVD player or computer drive, we can attempt to recover the video on the disc. A $20 per disc fee is assessed. Please note that data recovery does not ensure that all of the video on a disc will be recovered. Data recovery success depends on the nature of the exact problem. However, our recovery attempts have a very high success rate.

Now you are ready to complete the Totals section. If you are choosing Option A, fill out the quantity of Mini DVDs you are submitting, the quantity of Mini DVDs requiring finalization (if applicable), and the quantity of extra DVD copies you need (if applicable). Add up the totals and provide a grand total. Please sign the form.

For Option B, you do not need to fill out the totals section. Simply indicate your Option B preference and sign the form. We will assess your Mini DVDs and provide you with an estimate, at which time you will be able to provide your payment. However, you may provide your credit card number or PayPal address now if you wish, which will expedite your order once your estimate is finished and agreed to.

Transfer camcorder to DVD

5Flash Memory Card & Hard Drive Camcorder Order Page

Page 3 of the form only needs to be completed by customers who are submitting memory cards or a hard drive camcorder.

Combining Content: A DVD disc can hold approximately 4.3 GB of data. Therefore, we almost always combine multiple files from your memory card or camcorder onto full-size DVDs. This is done in chronological order, based upon the date information that is embedded in every digital file (if you have set the date on your camcorder correctly), as well as logically (we do not split large files just to make them fit, unless a file is larger than 4.3 GB). However, you have the choice as to whether you wish us to combine your videos or not. Most people do, but some people wish for their large digital files to each be transferred to its own DVD. Please indicate your preference.

Scenes Menu: Every DVD created from digital camcorder files includes a main menu with a play button, which plays all the files on the disc from beginning to end. However, we also set up a Scenes menu on every disc as well, which presents that DVD's videos by individual dates. The scenes are displayed as moving video buttons along with written dates (which are taken from the dates embedded in the files by the camcorder). You may either: 1) Accept this setup; 2) Accept this setup, but write new titles in place of the written dates; or 3) Indicate a different setup you would prefer (additional charges may apply).

Extra Copies: Indicate if you need more than one copy of each of your finished DVDs and the quantity.

We require Flash memory card and hard drive camcorder orders to be submitted with a $50 setup fee, which enables us to spend time examining your files and developing a project plan and estimate based on your exact needs.

The order form describes how we generate an invoice for you. Each finished DVD required by the size of your files is $30, if your camcorder saves video in the MPEG-2 file format (which most do). If your camcorder writes in a different file type, such as H.264 or MP4, a $30 surcharge is also affixed to each finished DVD, to cover our time spent encoding your files to be DVD-compatible.

Main Menu with music
Title Screens  

6Special Options to Convert HDD or Flash (optional)

The following options are available for your home video transfer to DVD; however, they are not on the form. Just use a separate paper to write what you need.

Adding a song to the Main Menu is $5. Simply provide a CD with the song.

Title Screens introduce new video content. We present titles as easy-to-read white text on a black background. Write your titles and indicate the times on the video at which they should appear and/or a brief description of the video that follows each title.

Other Options: Please let us know if there is another feature you would like your digital camcorder conversion DVDs to have. This is a new and growing field of video, and our form may not include every conceivable option – yet!

Note: These special options are NOT available for Mini DVD – Option A (straight copy).

payment options

7Payment for Video Conversion to DVD

If you are ordering Mini DVD – Option A or a hard drive camcorder or card conversion, include payment or the setup fee with your order.

We accept personal checks, major credit cards, and PayPal. Make checks payable to "Timeless DVD." Please note that the setup fee is nonrefundable.

If choosing PayPal, write in the e-mail address that PayPal has on file for your account. We will e-mail a PayPal request to you for the total amount. You must complete your payment through PayPal before we can begin work on your DVD.

For memory card and hard drive camcorder orders, You may check the circle if you wish for your credit card or PayPal information to also be used for your project payment, following your receipt and agreement of the estimate. We do not make any charges without your permission; checking this option is merely a way to expedite your order once you have OK'd the project invoice.

See our Shipping and Order Production page for instructions
on how to convey your project to us and the final steps in the process.

Convert HDD, Flash, or Mini DVD camcorders the easy way!


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