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Convert digital camcorderVIDEO CONVERSION

Video Conversion is the answer for families who have footage archived on Flash memory cards, Mini DVDs, or hard drive camcorders. We safely convert your digital camcorder to DVD, using the array of computers and software in our studio. Then we'll accurately author your digital video to DVD!

Electronics stores make digital video camcorders sound simple: Just pop in a little Flash card or use the internal hard drive, and shoot your video! But what happens when you wind up with a full memory card or a packed camcorder?

If you don't have the skills or time to offload your video with a computer, you might be stuck. In fact, most editing programs aren't even compatible with these types of camcorders! And how exactly do you share your full-quality video with family and friends when it's trapped on a card, mini disc, or hard drive?

Camcorder Video Conversion benefits at Timeless DVD

Conversion Mac Windows

All types of cards, discs, and video cameras supported
Our studio has computers utilizing a variety of operating systems and software to efficiently handle the many types of digital cams.

Digital transfer DVD

Customization for your project's exact needs
We'll assess your video files and provide a quote. This enables us to combine short files or Mini DVDs to a single DVD disc!

No automated transfer

No automation, for the best quality video conversion
Every video camera is approached individually, which is essential to preserving the original quality of your files on the finished DVDs.

Professional DVD design

Stunning, professional DVD covers and cases
100% real DVD covers and cases, crafted by our experienced, in-house graphicdesigner – just like our regular DVD transfers!

Taiyo Yuden discs

High-quality, long-lasting Taiyo Yuden discs
Timeless DVD exclusively uses Taiyo Yuden discs, which are widely regarded asthe most compatible and error-free DVDs around.

Free archiving

FREE archiving of your DVD
We ensure a copy of your video files will be safe forever. Other companies charge extra! And order copies anytime you want.

Camcorder to DVD - the easy way!

Digital camcorders can be complex for a number of reasons. First,they come in a wide array of formats, including many memory card types as well as differing video file codecs. Because of this, they can create compatibility nightmares – a common complaint from digital cam owners. Many digital video cameras are often not compatible with Windows Vista, Mac, or a given video editing program.

Also, transferring digital video can be incredibly time-consuming, especially if you have many hours of video stored on your card or hard drive (common for those who use EP settings). For example, if your camcorder has 20 hours of video to be archived, you are likely facing 30–40 hours of processing time. For 80 hours, it might be 120–160 hours of time! If you are planning to transfer and burn your video to a digital transfer DVD, be prepared to devote time to the endeavor. Digital camcorder conversion is definitely different from video tape transfers!

You bought your digital camcorder because it was easy to use. Shouldn't archiving your video be easy too? It is with Timeless DVD's video to DVD transfer service!

Convert digital camcorder video and save it forever!

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