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Video to DVD Form Send a Box Form

Service update February 2013:
Timeless DVD is currently
not accepting new orders.

When this situation changes, this notice will be removed and the order forms will be made available.

1Choose Your Order Form

We offer two order form options for video to DVD transfer. Choose the one that works best for you.

Use our Video to DVD Order Form if you have a project that includes one or a few videotapes for which the running times are roughly known. It is also best for DVD projects that require special options such as a scene selections menu or replacement music.

Use our Send a Box Order Form if you have a larger quantity of tapes (generally, 5 or more), OR if you don't know how long each of your tapes is. You may also use the Send a Box order form if the regular Video to DVD form seems too confusing. Please see our Videos to DVD page for detailed information on the Send a Box process.

Both order forms are available as PDFs above. Simply print out and fill in the form you wish to use, and use extra paper if needed. If you are confused by anything on either order form, feel free to write out your instructions in a way that makes sense to you. If we have questions, we'll ask.

If you are sending copyrighted material to be transferred, you MUST include a completed and signed Timeless DVD Copyright Waiver with your order. Click here for the Copyright Waiver Form (PDF).

Transferring to DVD

2DVD Design (copy tapes to DVD)

Both order forms begin with your preferences for how your DVD(s) will look. See the DVD Design page for instructions and templates.

The Send a Box order form has three additional categories.
The first is Content Titles for Each DVD. This allows you to tell us if you want us to use the labels on your tapes for your DVD titles, or if you will write new titles (which can be included with your tapes or written up later). This category can be handy for orders with large boxes of tapes.

Exclude TV and movies on your tapes from the finished DVDs? We often come across TV shows or movies that customers have recorded on their tapes – particularly on VHS or Betamax, since these formats were commonly used in VCRs. Checking "YES" or "NO" will expedite your invoice, since this will easily enable us to either include or exclude these types of programs on your tapes. If you wish to know the exact TV or movies that are on your tapes before your invoice is provided, please check "MAYBE (tell me what it is)."

Combining Tapes to DVDs: One of the benefits of working with Timeless DVD is our ability to combine more than one tape to the same DVD (up to a 2-hour maximum per DVD). Some customers wish to combine tapes as much as possible, in order to keep the price low. Others prefer to have tapes combined, but want the video kept in chronological order on the finished DVDs for easier long-term organization. Still others want each tape transferred to its own DVD and not combined at all, even when tapes are short. The choice is yours. Simply indicate your preference for your video to DVD transfer!

If submitting the Send a Box form, you're all done. However, if you need additional features on your DVDs, such as a song for the main menu, a scenes menu, title screens, or replacement music, note that these options are not on the Send a Box form. Indicate what you need on the form's reverse or additional paper, and we will include them in your invoice.

If submitting the DVD Transfer form, continue to Step 3.

Copy tapes to DVD

3DVD 1 (page 1 of regular order form)

The DVD 1 section allows you to compile up to 2 hours of video from one or more tapes onto a DVD. Here's how to do it.

Every video to DVD transfer starts with one videotape. This is Tape #1. Enter the rough running time for the tape. (Remember, 2 hours of video fits on one DVD.) Write a content title for the tape to appear on the DVD, or check the "Use Tape Label" circle if you prefer to use what is written on the tape already. The cost is $30.

If the running time for your tape is longer than 2 hours, you must add the Overflow Disc option to this DVD. A double DVD case will be provided free of charge. If this option applies, add $20 to the total for this DVD.

Conversely, if Tape #1 is shorter than 2 hours, you can add video from other tapes onto this same DVD. The order form allows you to add the running times and titles for two more tapes onto this same DVD. Number your tapes with labels or stickies in the sequence you wish them to appear on the DVD. (If you have more shorter tapes, just continue on the back of the paper, but remember the 2-hour limit!) Each additional videotape is $10.

Next, the section allows you to add extra DVD copies for this disc. All copies are 100% identical to the original. DVD copies make easy yet heartfelt gifts, as well as useful backups in case your original DVD becomes damaged. (DVD copies are also available forever after your project is finished; we archive your project free of charge!)

Write any special instructions for transferring to DVD on the lines at the left. For example, use this area to tell us if any sections of video on your tape should be left off the finished DVD. To do this, you must provide start and stop times for the segment to be excluded, and a brief description of the content if possible. (Use the back of the paper if needed.)

Finally, add up all the costs in the DVD 1 section. For example:
– If you have one 2-hour videotape, the subtotal will be $30.
– For that same 2-hour tape with an extra DVD copy, the subtotal will be $42 ($30 + $12).
– If you have a 4-hour tape and need an Overflow Disc, the subtotal will be $50 ($30 + $20).
– If you are combining Tape #1 (1 hour) and Tape #2 (30 minutes), the subtotal will be $40 ($30 + $10).

Enter your unique subtotal on the DVD 1 SUBTOTAL line on the TOTALS page of the form.


4DVDs 2, 3, & 4 – optional (page 3 of regular order form)

The DVD 2, DVD 3, and DVD 4 sections on page 2 are identical to the DVD 1 section. They allow you to create a DVD from one or more tapes.

This page ONLY needs to be submitted if your project requires it. It is included in the form for those whose projects have more than one DVD and/or more than one 2-hour tape.

If the page applies to your project, rubberband tapes together if you are compiling more than one tape onto a DVD. This way, we know which tapes are to be combined. Then, mark each group of tapes "DVD 2," "DVD 3,", etc. (Mark your DVD 1 tapes too.) Stickies work well for these purposes.

If filling out this page, enter your subtotal(s) on the corresponding lines on the TOTALS page.

Main Menu with music
Scene Selections Menu
Title Screens  

5Special Options for video to DVD transfer (optional)

The following special options are available for your DVD transfer. Use a separate Special Options page for each DVD disc in your project (1–4).

Adding a song to the Main Menu is $5. Simply provide a CD with the song.

A Scene Selections menu is $20 and features full-motion video buttons showing chapters that you select. Eight chapter stops of your choice are included. Brief captions of your choice appear next to the buttons. Additional chapters can be added for $2 each. (Your DVD has automatic chapter stops every 5 minutes during the video if this option is not included.)

Indicate your preferred chapter stops on your order form by marking the time at which they occur on the tape. To do this, rewind your tape to the beginning, reset the counter to 0:00, then find the minute/second times for the chapter stops.

Title Screens introduce new video content. We present titles as easy-to-read white text on a black background. Write your titles and indicate the times on the video at which they should appear and/or a brief description of the video that follows each title.

Replacement Music may be added during any sections of video you wish. The music replaces the original sound on your tape. This service is priced at $10 per song. See our Video Transfer - Song Ideas section for extensive tips and advice.

Total up all your included items and enter them in the Special Options subtotal line at the bottom of the page. Add this subtotal to subtotals from any other Special Options pages, and enter this combined total on the appropriate line on the TOTALS page.

For cassette transfer to DVD, other special options are available as well, such as video editing. Please ask us to customize your invoice before ordering if you are interested in options not on the order form.

payment options

6TOTALS page for transferring to DVD (page 2)

Enter subtotals on the TOTALS page of the order form. This is the last step of the order form process.

Enter subtotals for each DVD disc in your project; a combined subtotal for all Special Options pages (if included); and any broken tapes submitted.

Add this subtotal to any rush fees, credits (coupons), 6% PA state tax for PA residents, and the $10.00 shipping cost. If additional shipping is required, we will let you know after we receive your project.

Please include full payment with your order. Payment information must be submitted before DVD production can begin. We accept personal checks, major credit cards, and PayPal. Make checks payable to "Timeless DVD." (Checks are not cashed and cards are not charged until project is finished.)

If choosing PayPal, write in the e-mail address that PayPal has on file for your account. We will e-mail a PayPal request to you for the total amount. You must complete your payment through PayPal before we can begin to convert video tape to DVD for you.

Rush orders MUST be paid via credit card or PayPal.

If anything is still unclear, please visit our Transfer Video to DVD FAQ page.

See our Shipping and Order Production page for instructions
on how to convey your project to us and the final steps in the process.

Copy tapes to DVD and preserve them forever!


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