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Transferring VHSVIDEO TO DVD

Video to DVD transfer by Timeless DVD offers the highest-quality transfer process to preserve your home videos for a lifetime. We convert to DVD all major consumer video tape formats. Our video transfer is the perfect combination of outstanding video quality and exceptional design.

Why is Timeless DVD better than the rest?

No automated transfer

No automated transfers – ever!
We keep an eye on every tape to catch problems quickly. We never just "set it and forget it," like the low-priced services do.

Professional hardware

The best professional video hardware.
Our use of high-end decks, time-base corrector, color corrector, and other processors ensure the best playback for your tape!

Work done on premises

All DVD transfer done in-house for your tapes' safety.
Do you know drugstores and big box stores outsource their tapes to other states – or even India? We do all transfers in our studio.

Blue screen

Free editing of blank tape when we transfer tape.
We remove blue screens and snow screens when we convert video, which creates a more watchable, professional DVD.

Combine short tapes

Multiple tapes can be combined when we convert to DVD.
We're all about organizing and condensing your videos – for no extra charge – which saves you both money and space.

Professional DVD design

Beautiful, professionally-designed DVD packaging
100% real DVD covers and cases, all created by our trained, in-house graphic designer – including a scene index on the case!

Taiyo Yuden discs

Use of Taiyo Yuden DVD discs and on-disc color printing
Timeless DVD only uses 100-year archival Taiyo Yuden discs, which are widely regarded as the most compatible and long-lasting.

Customization options

Customization options available
Want music added to your main menu? How about title screens? Or a chapter stops of your choice? We can do special requests!

Send a box

Our "Send a Box" service!
Got a large quantity of tapes? Send 'em in! We'll assess each tape and provide an individualized estimate for your project. Easy!

Free archiving

FREE archiving of your DVD
We ensure a copy will be safe forever. Other companies charge extra for this! Plus, order more copies anytime you want.

We convert to DVD differently

Timeless DVD approaches every video conversion as if we were transferring our own home movies. We understand the extraordinary value of your videos, and we are focused on obtaining the best video transfer for your tape.

Be wary of DVD companies offering a price that's "too good to be true." Here's what you can expect from a discount DVD transfer service:
– They likely use an robotic system that churns out hundreds of automated conversions. No one pays attention to what your exact tape requires.
– Most discount services use rows of cheap VCRs, not carefully-chosen decks or external hardware like we do, especially when transferring VHS to DVD.
– If your transfer is not being done by a minimum-wage clerk, then it's very likely your tape is being outsourced – maybe even to another country!

If you want the features we offer in your video to DVD transfer, make sure the company you choose is up-front about what their DVD service includes.

Transfer tape today!

Why wait any longer? It's time to save your tapes for the future – and relive them with someone special today.

Convert to DVD and preserve your video today!

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  We do not transfer professional video tape formats such as U-matic, Betacam, or Digibeta. For more, see our Tape to DVD page.  
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