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Transfer video tapes

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Service update February 2013:
Timeless DVD is currently not accepting new orders.
When this situation changes, this notice will be removed and the order form will be made available.

Recording to DVD

"I have a box full of my family's home video tapes. Some are VHS tapes, some are Hi8, and some are little Mini DV ones. I don't have time to fill out order forms for all these tapes. I don't even know what's on some of them! What should I do?" Timeless DVD has the answer!

Easy video to digital transfer!

For customers who have a bunch of tapes to transfer from video to DVD, we recommend our "Send a Box" option. Here's how it works:

1. Send your box of tapes to us.
That's it! Just fill out the simple "Send a Box" form at right and include it with your tapes. (Pickup available for local customers with projects over $100.)

2. We will analyze each tape to assess its running time.
By getting an accurate running time for each tape, we are able to figure out if there are any short tapes that can be combined on a single DVD, or if there are any lengthy tapes that require an "overflow" DVD. We'll also find out if any of the tapes are blank (no charge, naturally!).

3. We will create an invoice to convert your videos to DVD.
We will advise you on how we can best transfer your tapes to provide the fewest number of DVDs. This provides you with the most accurate price.

4. Payment due.
Once you have the estimate, you are responsible for making payment arrangements. Payment is generally required before we begin recording to DVD. For very large orders, we can make arrangements for half the estimate paid up front, with the balance due before the project is finished. (Note: If you choose to cancel the project after the estimate is provided, you are responsible for prepaying any return shipping costs.)

"Is this the best way to transfer my videos to DVD?"

Yes! Our "Send a Box" process works particularly well for customers who wish to transfer video tapes from a large collection of videos. Many clients find this easier than extensive planning before placing their order. By assessing the tapes prior to an estimate and transfer, we can provide the best possible price.

Let's say you have four Mini DV tapes and you don't know what's on them. You might send them in and pay for each one to be transferred to its own DVD ($120). But if you take advantage of "Send a Box," we would figure out ahead of time that each tape contains less than 30 minutes of video each – meaning that all four could be combined onto one DVD. Your Mini DV to DVD invoice would only be $60 – half the price!

Also, if you don't know the content of your tapes – or if they don't have labels – we can provide a rough description as part of our estimate too. This helps you to give an accurate title to the transferred DVD.

If you have 5 or more video tapes, we strongly recommend our "Send a Box" service to transfer tapes to DVD!

Recording to DVD, the best solution

Order your video to digital transfer today!


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