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No matter the audio you wish to replace, look no further than our "Song Ideas" section! On this page, we give advice for ordering our "replacement music" option, which enables you to add music to either silent film or replace existing audio that's on your videotapes. We also provide tips for hobbyists who wish to edit music to their video footage or slideshows at home.

Adding Background Music to Silent Film

Did you order film conversion to VHS tape years ago, and now want to transfer the tape to DVD and add music? Whether we're transferring the tape or you're working on the project on your own, a good idea is to start with songs that are meaningful to the people who are in the film. For instance, for video of aunt Carol's 1962 wedding, what were her favorite songs? What song did she and her husband dance to at their reception? These details are key to a memorable show.

A second method is to choose music that matches the film's time periods. For example, for film shot in the 1940s, look into swing and big band music. For 1960s film, a range of popular rock music exists.

If we are transferring your silent film footage that's on videotape to DVD, we can add music to your footage in two different ways. The first method is for you to specify songs to go with individual sections. For example, let's say your video has three main sections. You could specify songs to go with each section, and we will custom-edit them to fit as a full-length music background:
1. Trip to beach: "Under the Boardwalk"
2. Carol's wedding: "My Special Angel"
3. Vacation out west: "Route 66" and "Over the Rainbow"

The second method is for you to just give us a list of songs that you want in the video. This method works best if you're not interested in matching a specific song to a specific section. We will simply run the songs in order as a music soundtrack, and make minor edits to fit the flow of the film.

Replacement Music for a Video to DVD Transfer

You may also ask us to add music to your video to DVD transfer if you dislike the current audio that's on your video tape. For instance, we recently replaced a cheesy Muzak version of "My Funny Valentine" that a videographer had stuck into a wedding video with another song personally chosen by the bride and groom.

If you are going to replace audio in home video with new music, keep in mind that the audio that is already on your tape will be completely gone. So make sure that it is truly safe to eliminate the entire section of audio from your DVD.

To order replacement music (either for silent film or tapes with existing audio), simply list the name of the song and the time on the tape or the content where it should overwrite the existing audio on your order form. Use the back of the form or additional paper if needed. Please ensure that you are providing approximately enough minutes of music to cover the length of the video section.

You may send either the original CD or a burned CD. We encourage you to provide your own music, since that guarantees that each song is exactly the version you want. All CDs are returned to you upon project completion.

Film to video

Click on the categories below for songs that are appropriate for many types of film to video transfer projects, photo slideshows, or home video editing. Links also provide samples, lyrics, and purchase information at Amazon.com.

Wedding slideshow songs
Slideshow Songs
Slide Show Music
Slide Show Songs
Photo Slideshow Music
Songs for Slideshows
Music for Slideshows

All of the songs in our lists have been carefully selected based on tempos and relevant lyrics. Samples are provided as links to legal excerpts. Timeless DVD does not directly provide any songs for video transfers.

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Additional Tips for Slideshows

Timeless DVD no longer produces slideshows, but years ago, we did compile a list of quick tips for choosing slideshow music. For all the hobbyists out there, here it is!

Music Genre
What kinds of music does the person honored in the slideshow like best? Pop/rock, country, oldies, R&B, classical, jazz, blues, Broadway, Christian and Gospel, Latin music. Don't know? Check out their CD collection or iPod.

Favorite Song
Does your person have a favorite song? Can you work it into the slideshow? The person will be touched and the segment will likely be his or her favorite! Ask close family and friends if you don't know the song.

Is there a song that expresses your feelings for the subject of your show? There are songs about any relationship you can think of: friends, sisters, etc.

"Our Song"
Every couple has a song that they consider to be "their song." If they're married, it's often the song that was used for their first dance. Using this song is a no-brainer for an anniversary slideshow!

Top 40
Which songs were popular when the subject was born or growing up? You can look up the song that was #1 for any birth date here: http://www.joshhosler.biz/NumberOneInHistory/SelectMonth.htm

Time Period
Slideshow music
that evokes a certain time period is always a good choice. Just do your research; for instance, don't use 1955's hit "Rock Around the Clock" for photos from the late '60s. Joel Whitburn's books are excellent for finding down correct music: The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits (1955–present)

Specific Theme
Sometimes, only a very specific song will fit the type of photos you have. For example, for vacation slideshows, think of songs that go with the destination: "On the Way to Cape May," "Georgia On My Mind," "California Here I Come," etc.

One last note: if you'd rather avoid copyrighted music in your DVD photo album, many online companies offer royalty-free music for reasonable rates. See our Music for Slideshow page for information.

Adding background music is a great solution for film to video transfers!


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