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Video transfer is the specialty of Timeless DVD! Whether you want to create an easy-to-watch DVD from your video tapes or camcorder, convert video footage to files you can edit on your computer, or copy a DVD disc, Timeless DVD can handle your DVD conversion job. Which of our four video transfer services is right for you?


Transfer video to DVD

Video to DVD is the conversion of your video tapes to high-quality DVDs. We can transfer VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, DVCAM, and Mini DV tapes to DVD. Timeless DVD uses top-of-the-line professional equipment and devotes personal attention to every tape transfer, which ensures the most accurate conversion possible.



Transfer convert

Convert Video to computer files that you can edit yourself! We can transfer 8mm video, VHS, Mini DV, and other tapes (or video files) to full-quality DV AVI or MOV/Quicktime files. Your videos can then be edited on a PC or Mac in virtually any video editing program. Perfect for those who want to edit their own footage! MP4 encoding too!



Transfer Conversion

Video Conversion is our service for converting a digital camcorder to DVD. No more worries when your camera's Flash memory card or hard drive gets full! We can extract the video from your Mini DVD discs, Flash memory cards, or hard drive camcorder and copy it to easy-to-watch DVDs.



Transfer duplication

DVD Duplication specializes in short runs of 1 to 100 discs for individuals, families, and small companies. We copy DVDs using an accurate duplication process that features multiple verification steps, direct-to-disc printing, grade A DVD media, and a variety of packaging options.

Tape transfer and more helpful links

Video transfer can be a complex and complicated subject. But with a little information, everyone can have a better comprehension of both their video tape and DVD conversion collections. We believe in educating our customers so they have greater videotape knowledge. The following pages provide a wealth of information on various topics.

General Video Information provides an overview of video history, NTSC and PAL, and aspect ratios.
General DVD Information offers insight into encoding options and operations for video transfer DVD.
Our Camcorder Shooting Tips page provides some quick advice that you can use immediately to improve the quality of your home video footage.
And our extensive Slideshow Music section offers tips for adding custom music to either old silent 8mm or Super8 film, or replacing existing audio on your websites. (Great song ideas for slideshow hobbyists too!)

Convert video tapes to a Timeless DVD today!

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