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A DVD of a church, club, or organization's event is a natural fit for many small towns. Our community-focused town groups are some of the most vibrant anywhere. In Timeless DVD's own area, we see everything from Christmas tree lightings to street fairs, all sponsored by the town and its businesses. These wonderful local events keep our small towns together.

If you are involved with an event like this, video tape it! As a full-time provider of video conversion services, Timeless DVD can create beautiful DVDs of these events to sell to local residents. The profits from these sales can be used as fundraisers for the next big event.

Church video

Did your church recently hold a week long Bible Camp? Invite a special speaker in for a presentation? Or hold a memorable Youth Group event? Copy video to DVD from your tapes or camcorders so that your members can revisit and remember the event. DVDs are perfect for making copies for everyone in your congregation.

Another idea for churches is the video yearbook. Highlight the current members of your congregation with a church DVD showing video of that year's different church events. Video tape an interview with the pastor to include. Show skits from the church school or Bible Camp. The possibilities are endless! A church video yearbook – even when assembled every few years – creates an incredible record for the future.

Church videos on DVD work well for other church events as well. For example, last year Timeless DVD created a video that traced a local church's youth group mission trip to Bolivia. The youth group and other members of the congregation watched the video at a followup banquet. At the end, cheering broke out and everyone wanted a copy – which were easy to provide since the church video was already on DVD!

Organization video

Every community in the United States has clubs and organizations that cater to special interests and circles of friends. Whether it's a social club, service organization, Rotary, Kiwanis, or other type of professional group, a DVD can serve multiple purposes.

For example, we can combine video clips with captions to tell the story of your group and immortalize the wonderful experiences you have shared together. Or we can transfer video from one event to a DVD and provide copies to everyone who participated. The possibilities are endless.

Event DVD

Perhaps as a member of a church or organization, you are considering volunteering your time to transfer your event video yourself. Just remember that home-made conversions entail significant drawbacks.

First, you'll need to buy hardware and software. The hardest part of that these days can be finding a good VCR or camcorder tape deck. Along the same lines, you'll then have to learn how to use them – as well as the software or device to enable the digital conversion. All of this takes time, including the time to actually run the video. And when all of it is done, it's still a foregone conclusion that the DVD quality will not be as good as what a professional company can provide for transferring video tape.

Consider using a transfer service such as Timeless DVD to convert your organization video. You'll save a ton of time and effort – and get an awesome DVD to boot!

Organization video

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Mitzvah Video
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An organization or event DVD is a great tool for your group!


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