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Friends video is essential, because what would life be without our friends? Next to our family members, they are the most important people in our lives. Some special friends are even more important than our family to us! True friends accept all your faults and are there for you in the difficult times.

We should celebrate these cherished relationships that are in our lives. Whether you've been best friends with the same person since first grade or you have a group of buddies that you've hung out with since college, our friendships are golden and deserve celebratory films of their very own.

Celebrate your ties with a friends video. Were you in junior high or high school in the 1980s or 1990s? Then you might have video of your school buddies in your heyday! There is nothing better than getting together and laughing over how you used to look (especially if there were perms involved in your friend DVD).

Just collect your camcorder tapes, and we'll create a perfect friends DVD for you! Timeless DVD can convert cassette tape to DVD from VHS or from VHS-C, Video8, and virtually every consumer tape format from the past 30 years. You'll receive a DVD packed with memories of your friends in beautiful clarity.

Then invite your best pals to join you. Pop some buttery popcorn and break out a bottle of wine. Listen to the laughs erupt as you watch yourselves in younger years. Reminisce with those hilarious and heartwarming memories about how these wonderful people have touched your life with your friendship DVD.

Convert Friend Videos to DVD

For example, perhaps no group is tighter than a Greek organization! Many college men and women make their favorite college memories with their pledge classes and brothers or sisters.

Timeless DVD offers many ideas for a fraternity or sorority. Imagine a beautiful DVD with segments showing your group's bid night, philanthropy activities, and annual formal! Show your sorority video at a special dinner or at Rush Week to convey your group's togetherness. A Greek DVD can be a great piece of your organization's history.

Friends DVD

Trying to convert tapes to DVD yourself is always a challenging task. You need to purchase hardware and software to do the conversion, read or watch some tutorials, and finally spend the time doing the transfer (and re-doing it if you don't do it correctly!) But you don't need to face any of those problems. It is cheaper and more time-effective to use a DVD transfer company to convert VCR tapes to DVD.

Every day of the week, Timeless DVD creates amazing DVDs for our customers. Our experienced, skilled staff can transfer your tapes to DVD professionally and quickly. Just send your tapes in. If you've ever tried to transfer tapes to DVD by yourself, you will probably be happily surprised when you see the quality results of our work!

Friend videos

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Surprise your pals when you convert friend video to DVD!


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