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Perhaps no event is more important in a young person's life than high school or college graduation. After studying and dedication, years of education culminate in the graduation ceremony. Graduation day marks the first formal step in their independent lives. This is the largest formal milestone in your child's life, short of his or her own wedding!

Preserve this special event forever by transferring you footage to a graduation DVD. If you or another graduate's parent has videotaped the graduation ceremony, we can convert camcorder tapes to DVD and save it forever in an easy-to-watch format. We can even feature the graduate's photo on the cover! A DVD makes a fabulous personalized graduation gift.

And naturally, this applies to the graduation party too. Don't be shy with your video camera at the graduation party! Tape everyone. Years from now, your high school or college graduate will be touched as he or she watches the footage of school friends as they used to look.

Graduation Videos to DVD

A graduation video is also a great tool for seniors. Capture that school spirit with a senior class video yearbook. This type of DVD video shows senior year activities, such as class events, Homecoming, private parties, and prom. A video yearbook provides fabulous entertainment for senior class parties and graduation events! Put a cover of the entire class on the cover and sell it to everyone as an easy fundraiser!

Timeless DVD has also created DVDs that were to be used as college applications. Set yourself apart from other applicants with a video that highlights your high school accomplishments. If you are proficient in music, create a compilation of your best performances with your high school band or choir. Or pull together a DVD of video clips of your best basketball games. Make them remember you!

Graduation DVD

Do you have a videotape of your high school or college graduation? Wouldn't it be great to be able to show it to your kids and leave it to your grandchildren? Of course!

But do you really think they will have a VCR? Probably not. Chances are greater that they will have a DVD player – or at least have access to a method to read digital data off a disc. And it's a safe bet that they will have no idea what to do with an obsolete tape. This is why analog to digital video conversion is necessary – whether to DVD or to digital video files.

Remember that video quality deteriorates on a tape even if it is not watched. Tapes are made from organic materials, which means they decay over time. The average lifespan of a tape is only 20–25 years; after that, they can become troublesome to play or digitize, or fail to play altogether. Don't let this happen to your graduation videos! Trust Timeless DVD to preserve it accurately and safely by transferring tape to DVD.

Graduation videos

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Transfer graduation videos to DVD and honor this special accomplishment forever!


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