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In the Jewish faith, nothing is more sacred than your son's bar mitzvah or daughter's bat mitzvah. When Jewish children reach the age of 13, they begin to bear their personal responsibility for Jewish tradition and law. A mitzvah includes a a service, as well as a celebratory meal that often takes the form of an extensive, formal party.

After the party is over, we can memorialize the experience for posterity. Simply provide your video of the ceremony and mitzvah party to us, and we can create a beautiful DVD of the event. We can transfer camcorder tapes to DVD easily. Copies of the commemorative DVD can be send to grandparents and family members who were unable to attend. There are many great mitzvah ideas for video out there – just look around!

1st Communion Video

The First Holy Communion is a ceremony held in the Catholic Church for children around the age of seven or eight. Traditions surrounding First Communion usually include large family gatherings and parties to celebrate the momentous event.

Many families and churches commission professional videographers to record the service. At Timeless DVD, we have often transferred video from professional video tapes of First Communion ceremonies. Just like any video you would shoot, professional communion videos need to be preserved on DVD. They are often provided on VHS tape that is about the same quality as a blank tape you would buy in a store.

A communion video is a memento of the experience that every child and family will wish to have! So if you do have a DVD created from your own video, you might also consider making copies available to your child's classmates. We can create a customized DVD, including a photo of the entire group on the cover.

Confirmation Video

Similar to a mitzvah video, confirmation is a rite or sacrament of initiation that is practiced in different ways in many Western churches, from Catholic to Protestant. The purpose varies, but it generally serves to induct younger members of the church as full congregants.

Celebrate your young person's accomplishment! While a confirmation is traditionally not as formal as a First Communion, gifts and videotaping can nevertheless be involved. If you have confirmation video for your child – maybe from years in the past – preserve your videos on a confirmation DVD so they last forever.

The major problem with videotapes is that they wear out. Every time you play a video tape, the VCR's heads are slowly wiping the content away. If you've noticed the video quality of your tapes diminishing, you're not imagining it – it's probably happening.

Videotape to DVD transfer solves that problem. Your tapes can be digitized and the video can be authored to a long-lasting DVD. These discs are resistant to scratches and time. Future generations will easily be able to watch all the religious ceremonies that were important to your family.

Communion video

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A mitzvah or 1st communion video commemorates rites of passage!


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