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We see more new baby video than any other topic, next to Christmas and vacations! Why? Where there is a baby, there is also a camera – still or video – because they're just so darn cute!

Whether you have footage of your baby on Mini DVD discs, 8mm tapes, or even 25-year-old VHS videos, we can transfer VCR movies to DVD to preserve them. Videos of your baby are definitely precious memories that you never want to risk losing! (Not to mention if you also have the actual birth video – what a unique piece of video that is!)

Your baby's first year is an exciting time – but it goes by so fast! From the hospital to first steps, memorialize this irreplaceable time forever with a DVD that recaps the year. Your family will treasure this memento of your little one's earliest days, and it's a terrific piece of entertainment for the first birthday party!

The DVD menus can include announcements, invitations, birth statistics such as weight and length – every detail that made the year special. The cover can display an adorable photo of your baby. And for video to don't forget your baby's first Christmas or Hanukkah, first vacation at the beach...track down all those video clips in order to provide a truly well-rounded audio-video experience too. The grandparents, family members, and friends will delight in viewing a customized presentation of your newest addition.

And don't forget – after your baby's first birthday party, make sure to send your video to us. We'll craft a DVD of the birthday celebration that ensures the memories are preserved forever. (This sort of new baby DVD makes a wonderful present for grandparents!)

Christening video & or baptism video

The words Christening and Baptism are both used to indicate the dedication of babies to Christianity. Traditionally, a "christening" is when the parents of an infant join with family to entrust their baby specifically to Christ and the Christian faith.

No matter which term you use, it's possible that you had your child's church dedication videotaped. Many churches do permit this, especially if it's done by a family member or friend. Save your precious christening video to the DVD format – complete with a customized photo cover – and it will be safe forever.

New baby DVD

A DVD offers significant advantages of an old video tape. First, DVDs can provide higher picture quality. DVDs also are more convenient to use and smaller to store. And optical discs, which do not deteriorate, are far more reliable than videotapes. DVDs are designed to last for generations with no loss of audio or video quality.

Converting VCR to DVD entails additional features as well. All your analog video content is digitally filtered to improve video and and audio quality. Your DVD will feature an easily-accessible chapter menu, which is also printed on the DVD cover. All of this means that your video of your new baby will be perfectly preserved and available to watch for the rest of your life.

Christening video

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Family Video
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Preserve your christening video and baptism video and all your memories of your baby!


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