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Many kids participate in music lessons or dance schools, and if yours are among them, then it's a given that you have videotapes of recitals. These tapes are highly prized by families and viewed repeatedly, but just like school play video, these recital tapes often are not preserved for the future before they begin degrading. Video tape conversion to DVD can help!

Timeless DVD can transfer tapes to DVD from your recitals, no matter their age. We can even add a scene selections menu that lists all the different acts in the recital! This feature allows you to jump easily to your daughter's ballet, even if it's right in the middle of the show. We can also add credits that list all the children that are performing.

And if you run a music studio or dance school, check out our services. We can transfer your dance recital or piano recital videos from past years onto DVD for your school's archives. Or, if a parent videotapes your shows, we can make DVD copies for all the students at reasonable costs, with beautiful DVD packaging!

Choir Concert - Band Concert - Marching Band

If you have recital video, you may have concert video too. Thousands of kids participate in their schools' choirs or band, with concerts occurring through each academic year.

If your child is involved in music programs, then you probably also have school concert video on tape. Christmas concerts, marching band performances, spring instrumental and choral concerts, jazz band competitions...there are many possibilities. But if you're not copying them to DVD, you're not adequately saving them for the future.

If your child a graduating senior who plays saxophone? Consider compiling all his marching band shows and band concert from the past four years onto a keepsake DVD. Or has your daughter sung with her school choirs since elementary school? Imagine a DVD that captures all her concerts since the beginning up to her graduation! What a DVD!

Musically-inclined kids love seeing their performances years later. Home movie to DVD transfer is the best way to make this possible.

School Play Video, School musical

Most schools put on some type of school play or musical, even in elementary school. DVDs are a great way to share your child's show as well as recital videos with faraway relatives who could not attend. We have transferred video from many school plays for the later enjoyment of the participants!

In fact, Timeless DVD recently created a DVD for a local high school's production of Oklahoma! We transferred their tapes of the show to a beautiful 2-DVD set, with scene selections menus featuring chapters for every song in the show. The school ordered over 50 copies, which were then provided to every cast and crew member. What a fantastic keepsake of their hard work!

Recital videos

One final note: We produce DVDs of concerts and plays purely for the participants and their immediate families. This enables them to have an archival quality record of their production. However, we cannot produce these materials for general distribution or profit due to copyright laws.

Recital videos

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