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Little League and youth soccer, school football and basketball, hockey and swimming...there are a lot of sports out there in which our kids can participate! (And don't forget gymnastics and cheerleading!) But if your video of these games and competitions are lost in a shoebox, you're not adequately preserving it for the future.

Videotape transfer to DVD converts your tapes to high-quality, long-lasting DVDs that will keep your child's games safe for the future. Mix and match highlights from various tapes for a "season's best" DVD. Or develop a DVD collection with one football game per disc. Imagine all your Little League video transferred to one DVD!

Are you a coach or team mom or dad? We can create a DVD at the end of a season to commemorate your team. This DVD would be packed with video highlights of the year – but that's not all! A scene selections menu can be set up so that you can access individual games. We can develop special menu screens to include season stats, the team photo, team sponsor, and bios for every player and coach!

This type of DVD makes a fabulous seasonal keepsake and works for every kind of team. Coordinate the effort with other parents and pool your materials so that everyone is included. You can be sure every player will want a copy!

School sports video DVDs are ideal for a cheerleading or sports fundraiser too. We take your videos, convert them to DVD, and duplicate copies for your team. You can then sell the copies to team members or to the community at large. Set your price and make an easy profit! Anyone who supports your team or squad will purchase a copy, making this a great project as well as a terrific fundraiser!

Cheerleading Video

No one works harder than cheerleaders! Capture your squad's spirit on DVD to make a wonderful and treasured keepsake.

Convert video to digital DVD discs for your squad's competitions to create a record of their routine's development. Or capture the season's moments with a collection of your squad's performances at different games. Does your squad have a season-end banquet? Surprise the girls with a video tribute to their efforts!

Little League Video - and more

If you have analog video tapes of your child's sports and games, then they are not digital. Analog video tapes include VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, and Betamax, among others. This type of video has one general drawback: it wears out over time and through usage.

Transferring analog video to DVD is the best solution for families who want to save their home videos for a long time. All of the information on the analog video tapes is digitized and authored to DVD discs, which are resistant to scratches, dust, and time. And with the help of chapters and on-screen menus, it's easy to quickly search through the footage on the disc.

Analog video to DVD conversion is the best choice for those who are looking to preserve their kids' sports videos for the future.

Cheerleading video

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Recital Video
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Preserve your child's athletics with a cheerleading video or other sports DVD!


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