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Did you get married in the 1980s or 1990s? Then chances are, you have an aging videotape of your wedding, filmed by a videographer or by a friend. Maybe it's even a Betamax tape! Be warned that these tapes are fading and will soon be unplayable.

We often see wedding video tapes that have seen better days – even VHS-C or 8mm tapes that are barely 10 years old. A wedding video preserved on DVD makes a wonderful gift for your spouse, and you are helping to preserve it forever too.

A wedding DVD endures. Just imagine how you will enjoy a reception DVD showing all your relatives dancing to '80s music – in fifty years!

Convert Wedding Video to DVD

Capture all the magic and wonder of your special day, including your vows, kiss, first dance, and every special moment. On a wedding DVD, you can set up a scene selections menu that lists all of the day's events in an easily accessible format. On the menu, you can even include your actual wedding invitation and credits listing your maid of honor, best man, and wedding attendants!

Your stunning wedding montage will be an heirloom enjoyed by your grandchildren. A wedding video also makes an excellent keepsake for your wedding party.

Wedding DVD

You might be wondering why you need to transfer home video to DVD. For several reasons. First – and mostly – because videotapes lose their quality over time. Check: are your camcorder or other home videos still playable? If they are, you might notice tracking problems or other interference in the picture. These can be signs of deterioration, which will only increase over time. If you wait too long, eventually your home movies will become completely unwatchable.

Secondly, with each passing year, VCRs become more and more scarce. When was the last time you knew or saw someone actually buying a new VCR? Stores like Best Buy rarely even carry them anymore, and if they do, they're almost exclusively as VCR/DVD combination machines. For formats that were less popular than VHS, such as 8mm or Betamax, video cameras and decks are even harder to find. This means that even if you carefully save your wedding video for years, eventually you will have no way to watch it anyway.

And finally, compare your wedding VHS tape to a DVD disc. Which one is easier to watch? Which is smaller and more convenient to store? Which is more reliable and won't deteriorate over time? The DVD.

Timeless DVD can convert your wedding video, as well as any other camcorder or family movies you have, to DVD. Our DVD conversion services feature the best technology and a staff that has extensive experience with video transfer. You'll never worry about the loss of your wedding videos with us!

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Preserve that aging tape of your wedding!

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