Is your home video stuck on a DVD?

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Timeless DVD can convert DVD discs to digital,
convert Mini DVD camcorder discs, and duplicate DVDs.
Free your DVDs today with our video transfer service!

convert DVD to digital

Convert DVD

Convert your home video DVD to digital video files that you can share, edit, and watch.

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convert Mini DVD

Convert Mini DVD

Transfer your camcorder's Mini DVDs to regular DVD or digital video files.

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dvd duplication service

DVD Duplication

Copy your home movie DVDs, affordably and easily - and make beautiful gifts too!

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repair work for mini dvd to digital transfers


We can rescue video from DVDs and Mini DVDs that are unfinalized or otherwise problematic too!

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

frustrated young man

"I transferred my home movies to DVD years ago - but now we can't watch them because we don't have a DVD player!"

frustrated woman

"I love sharing video on Facebook and YouTube - but I can't upload our family's home movies because they're stuck on discs."

worried older man

"My disc doesn't work right in the DVD drive and now I'm worried my daughter's birthday party video is lost forever."

annoyed older woman

"Our family had an Mini DVD camcorder, but it doesn't work anymore. What do we do with all these little discs we can't watch?"

annoyed woman

"I just need one copy of a DVD to give to my sister - but it costs $25 to get it done at the superstore. Seriously, that much?!"

annoyed young man

"I want to give copies of our home video DVD to my family for Christmas. But the video transfer service made a horrible-looking cover."

If this sounds like you, you're not alone...but we can help!

Make your DVDs work for you in 2020.

Imagine everything you could do with those discs in your house...

DVD to MP4 conversion


Upload your home video DVDs to Facebook, YouTube, or any social media site and share your family's memories with loved ones and relatives. Or load them onto your phone, tablet, or mobile device and take your video anywhere.

DVD to AVI conversion


Open your DVD's video in any video editing software program and make your own masterpieces. Available in easy-to-use, high-quality formats for both Mac and Windows fans.

DVD to ISO conversion


Save your DVD videos in their 100% original quality on as many computers and hard drives as you wish. Never worry about a disc getting scratched, cracked, or broken again.



No more fiddling with a DVD player. Convert your DVD videos to files on a USB Flash or hard drive that connects to your TV and can play your DVD exactly like the original disc - same quality, chapters, and even menus!

repair work for mini dvd to digital transfers


DVD acting up? We can usually rescue some or all of your video. For Mini DVDs, we can finalize or save a problem disc, and then convert it to a digital file or combine multiple discs onto new regular size DVDs.

Timeless DVD duplication service


Need a few more copies of a DVD? No sweat. We can duplicate as many DVDs as you need - no minimum required. And our packaging options, including DVD cases and sleeves, ensure that you get exactly what you want, at the right price.

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How It Works

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Fill Out Order Form

Just fill out our simple order form by hand or on your computer. No complicated account setup or password required.

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Send In Your Discs

Pack your discs and order form in a padded envelope or box and ship it to us. We recommend using UPS or FedEx for safety.

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We Convert Your Discs

We'll convert your discs to files or new DVDs - whatever your preference! All using our high-quality conversion and duplication techniques.

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Enjoy Your Video!

We'll ship your new files or discs (and originals) back to you, and you can get started sharing, editing, and watching your videos!

Yes! I'm ready to free my DVDs now!

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convert disc to digital files

Convert DVD to Digital Files

Did you have your home video tapes or film transferred to DVD by a big box store, drugstore, or online transfer service? Are they just sitting around your house now? We can convert your disc to digital files that you can use in multiple ways:

  • Share your video to YouTube or Facebook for easy viewing by friends and family. Or sync them to your iPhone, Android, iPad, or mobile device to take them with you everywhere. (Convert DVD to MP4)
  • Edit your video on your home computer with any video editing program and create your own masterpiece. (Convert DVD to AVI or MOV)
  • Preserve the exact quality of your DVD with digital copies on as many hard drives or computers as you like. And make more DVDs in the future whenever you want! (Convert DVD to ISO, MPEG-2, or Video_TS)
  • Watch your DVDs via a USB Flash drive or hard drive connected to your TV, streaming device, or digital media player. (Convert DVD to MKV or ISO)
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"The people at Timeless DVD made our family the nicest Christmas gift anyone can imagine. We had not looked at our kids' videos for years and are very happy that we picked Timeless DVD to do the job. The DVD packaging made it super easy to pick what we wanted to see. It could not be done any better. Thank you Timeless DVD from the whole family."

Al Philipp, Osseo, MI

Mini DVD camcorder to DVD

Convert Mini DVD to DVD or Files

Mini DVDs were super-useful during their heydey in the 2000s. But if you've got a lot of these tiny discs - and worse, if your Mini DVD camcorder no longer works - they can be a real pain. We can:

  • Copy each Mini to a regular size DVD, which preserves the original menus and chapters.
  • Combine multiple Minis to a single DVD.
  • Convert Mini DVD to digital video files for easy sharing, editing, viewing, and preserving.
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"The folks at Timeless DVD were amazingly easy to work with. We used e-mail back and forth and the final product - using our photo! - was even better than expected. I have already recommended them highly to several friends."

Debbie Hanley, Lighthouse Point, FL

copy DVD

Duplicate Your DVDs

It's expensive to copy a single DVD at a superstore or drugstore, and traditional duplication companies are overkill for most people. But with our short run DVD copy service, you can make a copy of a DVD fast. We offer multiple packaging options, including templates:

  • Disc in paper sleeve with black text
  • Disc and DVD case with with black text
  • Disc in paper sleeve with full color printing
  • Disc and DVD case with full color printing
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Why We Rock

never outsourced

Never Outsourced

All DVD transfer, video converter, and duplication work is done in-house. You always know exactly where your discs are. We have never had an order lost or damaged.

no account setup

No Account Setup

Just mail in our simple order form with your discs. No complicated online account setup, no forced login, no password to remember! It's super-easy to place an order of any size.

15 years experience

15+ Years Experience

Timeless DVD opened in 2003. That's almost 2 decades of DVDs and videos produced for customers just like you. Visit our Reviews to see 100+ comments and photos of real projects we've created.

made in the USA

Made in the USA

We're proud to be a small business in Pennsylvania! We can offer you higher quality, flexibility, and personal attention a superstore can't.

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